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  1. I'm trying to save halo You're trying to kill it by supporting shit gameplay And I'm the one shitposting? Mmmmmmmmmkkkkkkay That cat though
  2. I can't get away with playing evolved settings on my 55 plasma. I can't consistently hit shots Which is good because you shouldn't be able to lol. On default it makes little difference though because it's sooooo slow.
  3. I can't get over how unfathomable slow and clunky default h5 feels compared to evolved. Default feelings like babies' training wheels. Boggles my mind that someone can call themselves a competitive halo player and not want to drop default.
  4. I feel like that one response got so blown out of proportion. People were trying to defend you but really they were just making it worse by blowing up my notification box about it every day and continually bringing it back up. I should have let it go though. My bad.
  5. Ah, shit I'm sorry Il stop bugging you guys about stuff. It's not funny anymore.
  6. It's not "still going on" We established long ago that grabbing a power cord before you go to bed out of your child's room is a hurculean task that no reasonable parent could ever hope to accomplish.
  7. Why do people quote posts from weeks ago all the time in this thread? I get the dumbest notifications from this thread.
  8. That's not really the issue. The issue is that it's a little overpowering for how easy it is to pull off.
  9. Teapot you're mixing up the thrust bump and the thrust during fights arguments lol
  10. 80 degree FOV, inaudible game sound and no communication doesn't give me enough situational info to enjoy myself. Team comms is your radar. But if you don't have that then there's an info gap. This is why FFA has always had radar.
  11. Not sure why you keep doing it when your arguments are so piss poor that they weaken the case for everyone in favor of that mechanic. I like thrust lol. Your wording was just so shit though that you somehow managed to make me argue against you.
  12. You always have access to strafing... And strafing requires multiple inputs not just one.
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