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  1. Idk what happened here with everyone replying and freaking out so my bad man I'll just leave it be from now on.
  2. Didn't mean to hit a soft spot man jesus. you were playing with that one black guy that sounded like tyler the creator mixed with Darth Vader or some shit i forget his GT. U were pissed I AR'd you when you had camo rocks at bottom pris and went up 22 or 23 to 0 and you bounced and told me to "git gud with the pistol u MCC kid" then blocked me. We had good games before that like getting goosed happens man no need to flip shit and block me and deny it
  3. Does batchford come around here often? I goosed him 23-0 on prisoner the other day and he rage quit and sent me hate mail and blocked me. We usually had good games before that, I just want to tell him to unblock me. @@Batchford
  4. Well I guess I don't get happiness from flashing lights and big numbers. A system based solely on how much you play is junk. Being a 5 star general will always be better than being an SR130.
  5. 1 way to make sure Halo 5 doesn't crash to 30k players online after 3 months like Halo 4: get rid of the horrible SR130 rank system based solely on how much you play and bring back the Halo 3 military ranks as well and the military ranks per playlist.
  6. TFW it's actually harder than OG Halo 1. *in b4 batchford comes out of the woodworks
  7. When the hell is 343 going to give the AR kids their own playlist? They are a plague that has taken over since Halo Reach and 4 chased away all the older guys. Son of a bitch man, you actually spawn with a gun that fucks shit up and all you have to do is press and hold. And it's going to be this way for competitive play, too. I'm now going to die because I round the corner with my BR/Pistol and my opprnent has an AR he spawned with. I'm not going to get outstrafed, not going to get outshot, not going to get juked, I'm actually going to lose because my enemy just happened to have his press and hold gun out. Watch Halo 5 gameplay man. 1vs1 BR battles are extinct. 1vs1s in general are extinct.
  8. Ok so on chill out for Halo 1, if you are bottom middle of the map and everything just spawned, whats best to go for? Let's say you don't know where enemies are and you're playing solo.
  9. Have any of your posts ever added anything valuable to discussions?
  10. TFW when Dota2 has more prize money than Wimbledon, The Masters, and the Kentucky Derby...a little off topic but holy fuck.
  11. Why is Halo 1 considered the most skillful Halo when the pistol never shoots in the middle of the reticle? Isn't there a ton of randomness to this? I was watching a video that shows that the pistol will always have spread, even on the first shot. Pistoling base to base on hang em high is just a lottery. I swear some of my shots miss by 2 feet under then 10 feet over.
  12. Havent been following Halo 5 too much lately, but god damn, you guys are already praying gameplay you saw now, 3 months before release after a beta 5 months ago, is old because how shitty it looks... It took 343 a hundred days after release to get a ranking system that worked 10 years ago into MCC. It took half a year and a population of 30k players to add ranks to Halo 4, and took Halo 4 being dead before they fixed gameplay issues. How are you guys justifying how Halo 5 isn't going to be as bad as it looks because it's always "an older build footage" or "pre-beta footage". 343 isn't making all these mistakes just because, the same issues you see in the gameplay now are going to be in the final game. We're less than 3 months away from release and they are showing you footage that is 3 months old lmao, they aren't asking for your god damn opinions. Yeah, we can tell them too buff this and buff that, that is something we can actually change. But we can't change the train of thought that made those problems to begin with, and that train of thought by 343 is going to appear in a 100 different places.
  13. 343 hiring pros seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt. What have they done so far? Wasn't there pros working on Halo 4? The game that included the boltshot as a starting weapon which was stronger than the Mauler that was patched out of Halo 3 as a pickup weapon.
  14. Been saying this shit since day 1. In Halo 5, it's whoever happens to have the right gun equipped, rather than a skilled BR vs BR like other Halos. For whatever reason, people want 100 different guns, and it sucks. Halo has always been 1 utility weapon and power weapons.
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