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  1. I hope everyone in OT is enjoying the holidays with their friends and familia.
  2. This is what I’m saying. Anyways, it’s Christmas Eve in 🇰🇷 at the moment and I’m playing Halo all damn day like it’s 2008 again. I hope ya’ll are enjoying the holidays and the quality time with the family. Also, run this tweet up if you on Twitter.
  3. Pretty sure I’m in his chat every day as of recently and he lets people talk freely.
  4. Would anyone be down to do some campaign runs sometime?
  5. I’ma add you. I’m always down for any Halo really, preferably H2 and H3.
  6. That’s the homie @Powlas , he plays too but I’m assuming he’s busy with the fam for the holidays so he’s just running tournament VoD for the time being.
  7. What are the dates for UGC St.Louis again? I need to make sure I stock up on Mountain Dew and Doritos to make it feel like 2010 again while I watch the stream .
  8. If anyone is online and wants to run the playlist, holla at ya boi. DiRtY PLaTaNo.
  9. You could always not pick up rockets? Anywho, I’ve actually had some success solo queueing the H3 Team Hardcore playlist today and I haven’t had this much fun playing a video game in a while. Win or lose, having teammates that call out or I’m just feeding callouts to them through their TV’s, I’m having a blast. I hope they keep trying to fine tune this game and 2019 is a year of Halo 3 sweaty fun.
  10. It would be dope as fuck if they got rid of clamber, thruster packs, etc and brought Halo back to the good ole’ days.
  11. Can ya stop being with your families for the holidays and come play some damn Halo? C’mon, support the troops smfh.
  12. Rise and shine gamers, let’s get this ezxp. Also, I can’t solo queue and find a game by myself, halp.
  13. Thank you my good man, also leave instructions on how to PM via mobile since it’s been around 4, going on 5, years that’ve posted on forums LOL.
  14. I will be buying a Switch on the 1st and I will be getting a LAN adapter as well so I can POSSIBLY wax some of ya’lls asses on Smash. I’ll post back with my friend code when I do so.
  15. Bruh what the fuck is this title and contents LMFAOOOOOOO.
  16. New A Boogie album dropped.
  17. What’s everyone been watching? I just binge watched all of Black Clover on Hulu and if Asta wasn’t ears bleeding loud, I’d probably enjoy the show way more than I already do. I needa finish catching up on the JoJo’s series as well. Also, how do ya feel about the live action Cowboy Bebop series coming to Netflix?
  18. PLaTaNo

    OT Thread of OT

    Protecting your freedoms for the past year and some change. If you support the troops, play some Halo with me soon. That goes for all you’s.
  19. Walshy and Strongside easily take the cake with this one. The work they do with G4G every year without fail is dope, and they’re just all around good dudes if you ask me. Never met either of them, but their personalities are so wholesome on the mic I could only imagine how enjoyable of people they are in person. No homo.
  20. I love the intro with Snip3down talking about the last clip in the video and then watching the build up to that shit LMAO.
  21. Yes, it is I. Yes, Hyena immortalized me in the Mastery tage. Yes, I am alive and sober minus alcohol. And yes, I finally joined the Army like I said I was going to. I just got a Xbox again so I figured I’d pop back out of hiatus and get in touch with the homies again, living in South Korea at the moment and I can’t find a damn game to save my life so I need you guys back in my life please and thank you.

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