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  1. Either way, I demand answers. Along with my OG account resurrected from the dead.
  2. PLaTaNo

    NBA Thread

    Avi / sig check.
  3. PLaTaNo

    OT Thread of OT

    Start doing drugs. Good way to pass the time.
  4. Bologna, everyone got their original accounts from THC still, where's my old ass PLaTaNo account then?
  5. Kendrick is still my favorite rapper, but you can't really think Que Hampton is anything like Kendrick Lamar... they from completely different sides of the country.... My man Bishop Nehru is on my Xbox FL... can't wait to go to one of his concerts and smoke a blunt with him. He got a project being produced by MF DOOM, so hyped for that.
  6. False, I was banned way before this place went all hipster and wasn't THC.
  7. PLaTaNo

    NBA Thread

    That gif is so OP.
  8. I suggest you listen to anything and everything I ever post in this thread if you need artist/music to listen to.
  9. He's right when he says CoD doesn't take skittles though. BF4 and Halo all day.
  10. Any One Piece is good One Piece, I'd go subbed cuz I'm a nerd though.
  11. Maybe he really meant he needed Addy.
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed Gangsta Cat.
  13. I don't respect you if you respect Mac Miller. Way better white rappers and producers out there than him. Perfect example, Jon Wayne. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUawOdxeqNE
  14. It's sooooo good Mayday.
  15. Scuf controllers aren't necessary when you're good and claw. Randbob.
  16. You can just cuddle with me on the couch .
  17. Get a new controller then holla at me Troll, I got people playing customs all day every day.
  18. If you haven't seen this, watch this.
  19. PLaTaNo

    Film Discussion

    You miss me big guy? I'm pissed I don't have my OG account... that pleb Cyren deleted all the evidence. I'm only here cuz I'm banned on the GB forums right now and people actually play Halo's here.
  20. PLaTaNo

    Film Discussion

    This one's a classic. P.S. If you don't have Netflix, you can easily any movie on the internet.

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