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  1. Which one of you fine gentlemen would like to help me bridge the gap between 40 to 50 in Team Hardcore on H3? Solo searching is just Hell at this point.
  2. Solo queue HELL has gotten me to a 39 in Team Hardcore, I need assistance.
  3. I’m tryna grind all day if anyone wants to play, tryna break into the 40’s today and I’m a 37. DiRtY PLaTaNo is my tag, holla.
  4. Who plans on being at UGC in September??? I believe I’m competing there, hope I get to meet some of you dirtbags I’ve been complaining about Halo with for the past few years ❤️.
  5. What season are you on? That show gets hella props from me, I’ve used it as an entry level anime to introduce my friends to anime, and as soon as people start fighting and dying they’re interest peaks. And the show funny as shit.
  6. Reach is trash, I’d rather play the same people in matchmaking on H3 than ever play Reach ever again.
  7. Has anyone here started Demon Slayer? Highly recommend starting if you haven’t, great fight scenes and beautiful visuals. Solid show so far, 13 episodes out.
  8. I’ll download H5 if you teach me how to play that horrendous game, add me. Always on H3. DiRtY PLaTaNo.
  9. So like, do any of ya even still play Halo or am I the only one.
  10. A clip is a clip sir 🤷🏽‍♂️. I really can’t believe that last dude chased so hard. On another note, whomst is planning on going to UGC New Jersey 👀?
  11. Clamber is pretty whack if you ask me, you shouldn’t get bailed out for mistiming a jump. Sprint has been trash since Reach. Sliding is God awful on CoD and should’ve never taken the place of drop shotting so I doubt it’ll be decent in Halo. Thrust, in my opinion is the only newer mechanic I personally wouldn’t mind seeing again if done right but I also played maybe a total of 2 H5 matches and never touched the game again so I probably don’t have anything valid to say towards that.
  12. PLaTaNo

    OT Thread of OT

    Sup cutie :* .
  13. Back in the US again, will be shitposting and playing Halo again. Missed ya goons.

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