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  1. Guys, should this have been a triple? Choked on the last guy too smh.
  2. Multi-Team is SUPER sweaty if you guys haven’t played it yet. Hella fun though.
  3. If I wasn’t in South Korea and had friends I’d play :c .
  4. Bro you’ve never played ALL of those series? Have you lived in North Korea your entire life?
  5. Where in my post did I say I thoroughly liked Reach and Halo 4? I literally said it was dogshit and the only thing that fueled me to continue playing Halo in general at the time was my love for Halo 3. If $700 is a lot of money to you (estimated cost of a Xbox One X and Xbox One S) invest more time in finding a better job/career instead of shitposting on a Halo forum. Sprint was a deciding factor and what caused me to sell my Xbox in 2015 when I first saw Halo 5 gameplay so please stop assuming I enjoyed playing Halo iterations with sprint, merely tolerated it because of love and hope Halo 3 gave me for the series.
  6. I don’t care whether or not a game has flaws or is a fine tuned machine, nothing is perfect. You constantly making shitty post and bashing anyone and everyone’s nostalgic appeal for classic Halo is extreme. I spent countless hours playing Halo 3, and enjoy it to it’s very core. Living in South Korea at the moment has me waiting in the matchmaking queue for up to 3 hours at a time to find a game solo queueing from here because I’m not a priority to get in games due to high ping, and I have Halo 5 downloaded and NEVER played a game of it since it released. So yes, sprint would be the make or break for me because IMHO any Halo post Reach was dogshit to me and I spent countless hours grinding out Reach and Halo 4 (time I wouldn’t want back either because I made some good friends and Halo 3 was a big enough part of my life where as I hoped the next Halo installment would reflect it more.)
  7. Halo Infinite needs to be an exact copy of Halo 3 with H2A graphics and nothing more. Crucify me. All jokes aside, if Infinite doesn’t have sprint I’ll be hyped as fuck but if it does have sprint, I’ll probably end up selling my Xbox One X, Xbox S, and PS4 and disappear into the world of PC gaming. Also would be dope if Infinite has a BR mode where you spawn in falling from the sky in ODST drop pods.
  8. Anyone gonna be on The Division 2 Beta on Xbox this weekend or nah?
  9. PLaTaNo

    OT Thread of OT

    If we’re keeping it a buck, I just needed a steady paycheck, a structured lifestyle, and free education.
  10. There needs to be some more online FFA tournaments, I know UMG hosts some from time to time but it’d be dope if more started popping up to help pass time between LANs and give players from other regions like EU something to play in for the time being.
  11. Playing this game from South Korea makes me a God LMFAO.
  12. You ruin entire threads with walls of texts talking about bullshit no one really cares about, no idea why anyone even engages you on said topics. I don’t even know you to like or dislike you, it’s literally just about the garbage you love to post. First and last time ever speaking to you, enjoy your shittier Halo games you like to play.

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