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  1. Watch the video for yourself. It's true. He says "nothing special here, you've seen this in other shooters before" in regards to the boost jump mechanic. Yes, you are right in that it was removed because it didn't fit with the maps or Sandbox. But the fact is that it was going to be in the game. It shows that 343 really do look at other shooters in terms of mechanics, and gameplay design. In the video there's footage of the double jump mechanics in action. Works exactly like advanced warfares boost jump.
  2. Made this video 2 weeks ago. Ryan Darcy, the Systems Design Manager of Halo 5, reveals that sprint was only added to Halo because every other shooter has it too. Spartan charge was literally stolen from Destiny, and he admits it. Halo 5 had boost jump (Double jump) like other popular shooters (advanced warfare, blops 3 titanfal ) but was removed at the last minute. It worked exactly like other shooters. I'm baffled that this is even true. Very disappointed that 343 look to outside influences when making Halo game. They should be using OG Halo as the influence instead.
  3. He was asked a question about the campaign and said it on his own initiative. Nobody even asked him about MP.
  4. What are the thoughts on his statement? I just don't see how a game that shipped with no content and fails to feel like a Halo game could be touted as the best. This makes me feel as though Halo 6 will continue the enhanced mobility trend of Halo 5.
  5. lol I would but it will probably be removed for "Self advertising". Unless of course one of you are willing to do it
  6. At this point I'm Almost certain that a lot of the community is aware of how the Halo franchise is doing. Sales and populations are down, and for the most most there is a large portion of the community dissatisfied with the direction of the franchise (myself included). This is why I believe that Halo, needs a Renaissance. A Renaissance, as explained in the video, is a rebirth, vigor, or revival. Well halo needs all of these things in my opinion, hence why I think that the series needs a Renaissance. This basically means that halo, would return to form, and be great like it used to be. So how can Halo achieve a Renaissance ? Looking back is the answer. Like a real Renaissance with cultures in history, looking back was the first step in achieving a Renaissance (The Italians looked back to the Roman Era). Well I believe a connection can be made here, because Halo needs to do the same thing in its own fashion. Halo needs to LOOK BACK to classic Halo. Looking back doesn't mean copy and paste, like some would assume. But rather hey, how can we take the best features from every Halo game and incorporate them into Halo 6? So if 343 were to look back to classic Halo games, it would give them a foundation to work on, as they can pull mechanics, features, and assets from previous Halo entires to create a new master piece installment. 343 can look back to art style, gameplay, music, content, features, or just about anything you can think of. The overall point is that they have the entire franchise to look at, and then decide to make decisions based on what worked. But I think 343 are going off in their own direction, disregarding some of the best things that make Halo, Halo.
  7. Check out this competitive Team Slayer and FFA forge map that I made! Similar to Ivory Tower in terms of gameplay,this map features intense variation in terms of incline and elevation. These features evoke awesome matches along with strategic gameplay scenarios. 4-12 players Video walk through below http://youtu.be/pSpHXqsawCI
  8. This is a map a made based off of the Incursion Game Mode which plays just like Invasion in Halo Reach and Battlefield's rush. Attackers must Capture Territories one at a time. Once the attackers capture a territory, they can spawn at that territory just like Battlefield and Invasion. Check out the Map tour below to see how it works... http://youtu.be/koSBxlc5iVs
  9. Yea haha but the problem is object count. If i added weapon ill easily be in the 530-540 range

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