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  1. If Heinz said and truly meant that, then it's safe to say that Formal won't be on the team. I hope Heinz is wrong and Formal finds a way to play leading up into the million dollar tournament. Really want to see that team form, but if it can't be then, then it can't be done.
  2. As much as it sucks, I think if he had to make that choice at this point in time he'd pick Call of Duty. Whether Halo 5 blows up as much as we all want is still to be determined. It would also obviously depend on just how good his roster is, assuming there's actually going to be one. I do agree though that it sounds like moves are being made for him to at least be playing Halo again, which is fantastic.
  3. I'd say unlimited sprint is up there as well. Other then that, probably not though.
  4. Yeah, that last game looked pretty rough for him KD wise. Granted he got 18 assists, but still.....
  5. The Ginyu Force is actually liked by some for their silly antics. 343........not so much.
  6. So much for the fear of Denial losing momentum, glad they were on APG screen when that happened.
  7. That's what it looked like......for a quick moment. I believe he no scoped the guy ring 2 and got a grenade kill for the double that he threw right before the no scope.
  8. No, must be another Shellshock. Sorry man.
  9. I think it will work in the sense that you'll have a number/rank next to your name. As for actively putting you with people around your skill rank.......I dunno about that. I'm not sure what this games population count is looking like these days, but I'd imagine that would have a serious effect on the amount of people it can pool from. Which would then result in the system causing you to play against a lot higher or lower ranked players just to get a match going.
  10. Great job to CLG for coming back from being down in the series and closing it out. It sucks for Noble, but I will say they had some amazing series this tournament and they should be proud of that. They definitely proved a lot of people wrong and showed they're an amazing squad.
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