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  1. Did a double take when I saw Ninja in superbowl commercial. I had to look it up just to confirm. With his fame and glory would be cool to see him take a step back into halo for a few minutes as that could bring some insane exposure. Anywho congrats to that kid man he is really doing it all.
  2. Try having under 1 upload and like a 250 ping. I swear the crap I see is unreal. I am probably in about 100 montages since I have moved out here. If I even look at a dude with a sniper its instinct t head shot for him.
  3. I was under the impression Fantasy wasn't going at the end of last week. Assuming this means he showed up. I have said for years that dude is so underrated.
  4. Not sure why people think they should just come back and be the best and assume that times or themselves haven't changed. Dudes like Fantasy and Evadur and plenty of others have been grinding H3 since the beginning even before the launch of MCC back when plenty of us were still grinding on 360 way after Xbox one. Pretty solid crew of H3 lifers and no reason to think they shouldn't be at the top of the pack since they have been doing it for years while everyone was rolling that H5 garbage. Was watching evadur the other night in the qualifier and as much as I hate that kid from getting spanked by him on his host all the time I have to give him mad respect his map movement while making crazy plays was impeccable. Dude makes S1 to S3 while getting a triple kill seem like nothing.
  5. Anyone else having issues with every game being laggy af....I know my internet is bad but haven't had issues with MCC until the last week or so. Literally cant play a game that isn't choppy throughout with double nades, delayed nades, no shot registration, front side assignations, all that bs. I gave up unless I find out what's wrong which sucks because I had no issues with MCC before all this update bullshit. Also this no map voting and the fact that 90% of the games are slayer is getting extremely annoying.
  6. I know this doesn't belong here but anyone have any advice for someone looking to play H3 mlg...I have been searching H3 BC on and off for weeks and not one match. Was unsure if there is some sort of underground custom scene or another platform that people are using. A year ago I never had problems like this trying to find matches.
  7. I would be interested to see if 108 people still play this competitively enough to go to an event....let alone enough teams to form to even come anywhere close to this. This being said I think Orlando really isolates any chance of that happening, not to be a pessimist by any means but I don't see MLGs presence rejuvenating much of anything other than maybe a couple has beens such as myself popping in to watch a few games on stream which many us haven't done in a long time. Hope I'm wrong though cuz I would love to see a big resurgence in the LAN scene draw some old timers back even though they are not to fond of the game. As with anything it use to be more about the competitiveness and less about the game itself.
  8. How do I get said backwards compatibility on Xbox one and are you then playing on the same server as the 360 Halo3
  9. I am lost in translation is the h3 that every one is playing the social playlist on h5 or is there some other version for Xbox one
  10. Demon D was a key reason in their short run....the dude was one the better players in the game for the short period of his career as reach came out pretty soon after. I honestly miss watching the mid tier teams like Heaven and Earth, Ambush, Darkest Hour....so many good players that faded away. All this reminiscing sometimes becomes very depressing such a good time in life and it was all due to Halo 3.
  11. Remembering the good days....been a year since I have turned my box on and even longer since I have played halo. Not sure if it's natural aging or what but like any addiction it was hard at first but now I have no real urge...... It amazes me out of the large crew I played through Halo 2 3 and Reach with not a single one plays anymore...heres to the good old days and seeing halo still has a pretty good following. Wish I could go back and relive it.
  12. Please tell me I am seeing things at 3:15 I swear it looks like the sniper shot registers
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