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  1. I wish we had HCS playlist then Testing Playlist. Like I could see why they put these changes in Arena to force people to try it. But I also feel some people will just play less while these changes are in the Team Arena.
  2. I think they got rid of shotgun so that in strongholds the sides would be more balanced. Im not sure how it'll play in slayer but it'll make it more fair imo for arena
  3. Im not bad with the pistol at all but I have to agree I enjoy playing the game with BR starts more than pistol. I understand that we want to make this game competitive but at a certain point you still want the game to be fun too. I personally want BR/Pistol no radar. At the game's current state we have radar which I think most people agree should go, we have ARs as a starting weapon this is a gun that takes no skill to use and encourages people to hide around corners. Pistol is competitive but just not that fun to me. I feel like with BR starts I can out BR one person an another, but the pistol feel like at best you can make someone half to one shot after a kill. Also I see many battles not being pistol vs pistol. I feel like a lot of the so called fans have asked for AR/Pistol but I also feel like a huge portion of those fans are the ones that play mainly playing warzone and campaign. I personally loved the BR from the Beta and it's what made me so hyped for this game. It felt like it was the fastest TTK and made everything seem quicker. The beta seemed a lot more smooth in general too.
  4. I brought the beta up because I thought you were talking about me being shitty for a sec
  5. I was pro in everything on the beta I'm by no means shitty in any area of Halo. You must be a shitty casual if you want AR starts.
  6. I see I could deal with just pistols I'd rather have BR/Pistol. I personally am worried how well the pistol will perform in longer range battles against like snipers. That's why I'm wanting BR too. I also don't like the idea of people running around and killing me with an AR. I saw some video recently showing the AR pooping on a BR mid range.
  7. I don't see why people aren't more for BR/Pistol. I heard people talk about making the settings the same across the board. But I don't see a point in having both starting weapons close range. I personally feel like Pistol is better and more exciting than AR and I feel like Pistol and BR are the most skilled utility weapons in the game right now. So why AR? Also I don't see how the pistol takes more skill. I know it supposedly has a quicker TTK, but how does that make it more competitive or harder to use. I'd think if anything a quicker TTK would make it easier to use and it shoots a single bullet at a time so while the BR shoots 3 bullets at a time adding the skill of players making sure they don't miss any of their bullets in their burst.
  8. The Pistol only seems viable close range and rockets are usually shot close to mid range. So I think the BR is more viable because it's viable at close mid and long range covering most power weapon. Also if you come in close range then switch to pistol.
  9. I feel like if people are going to be picking them up anyways they might as well spawn with them. Doing BR/Pistol and this time the pistol has good potential, but not having those rifles as you spawn I feel like can make power weapons decide games.
  10. I see a lot of people discussing how pistol could take the place of the BR and how it will get casuals into the game. I see it like this. A lof of my casual friends buy the game and do these in this order play campaign, then multiplayer, play some casual playlists, then they play competitive they complain about all the competitive players winning brutally Then they either keep playing casual playlists or play the next game that comes out the next month. I see why 343 would push to have AR/Pistol to try and get casuals to play, but I feel like in the end of the day they won't like the competitive playlists, because they are casual not competitive. I see how Pistol is a decent match with the BR, but the Pistol doesn't fulfill all the things the BR does for competitive. The pistol would need to be able to challenge all power weapons. So PistolvsRocket=Rocket PistolvsSniper=Sniper PistolvsShotgun=? I can see how a BR would have a better chance against those weapons. I don't feel like everyone is considering how much pistol starts would change the meta. I feel like it would make power weapons decide games completely.
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