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  1. Here's a dualtage i threw together featuring clips from myself and my teammate CleggNasty. If you have a few extra minutes, please watch and let me know what you think!
  2. I had a similar view, although I can't say I "ripped" the game. When H3 came out, I simply preferred H2. While I was waiting for MCC to come out, I gave the game a second chance and fell in love with it. Most problems with shot registration are due to connection. Halo 3 plays amazing on LAN.
  3. I'm using my Astro A40's with the chat adapter. I've experienced a lot of issues with voice chat in-game like a lot of other people in this thread have, and party chat isn't much better on the XB1. I've been using the Skype App for voice chat.
  4. Bump. Who is trying to play MCC in Utah?! Let's get some LANs or customs going!
  5. I went out and purchased GTA V to play when I get tired of lobby warrioring in MCC. Loving the online portion thus far although I was having some connection issues.
  6. The snipes in Halo: Reach is very aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Customer supported instructed me to delete and re-install the game. They assured me that their Engineers have found this as a solution to the issue.
  8. These clips have been lying around for over a year and I decided to edit them into a montage. This is my first time editing a montage. I had a blast doing it, so expect more montages to be posted in the future! Gameplay by King Brando and CleggNasty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2pLNzlMDiw Let me know what you think of it!
  9. Smoke nades COULD be cool in objective gametypes such as extraction. Being able to cover an extraction point with smoke could add a layer of strategy.
  10. My thoughts exactly. (I've met 3 of them!) lol
  11. I still enjoy Halo 4. I do not enjoy the Halo 4 online experience. I often find myself on Netflix more nowadays than on H4 simply because no on else is on. The game is only fun when playing competitive customs or with your friends. Even then, the online experience can really impact the fun factor.
  12. It's unfortunate to see a great editor leave. It's such a unique skill/talent to have. Hopefully he is focusing his talent in other areas.
  13. Hey I'm a to2 right now looking for a team as well. I'll message you on live.
  14. I used to join your FFA lobbies...until you deleted me :trash: My GT is King Brando and I'm always looking for customs/FFAs. I'll hit you up when I'm off work Stryker.
  15. Maybe we just need a Snipes/BR gametype like we had in H2 to make things more interesting.
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