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  1. Thanks for this. I've been trying to stay away from Rogue One coverage as much as possible, so I didn't know which Death Star it involves.
  2. Looks kinda like what an edgy John Cena shirt would look like in my head. Just replace the SIX with HUSTLE
  3. These answers get asked for pro sports, but all you ever get from coaches are fluff PR-friendly answers about how X player is a gym rat, how he studies the playbook and watches film like a maniac, etc. There's zero incentive for coaches to reveal anything negative about players when they may have to work with them in the future. Even if the coach does reveal something negative, he's almost certainly guaranteed some kind of negative response. It can get blown up into a big story about how X player was lazy and didn't work hard, X player can come out and start airing out all sorts of dirty laundry about the team and the coach, or he might piss off his own players by not keeping team business behind closed doors.
  4. I might pick it up when it's like 20-30 bucks? It's not a game I would pay the full price for.
  5. So I haven't bought NMS, but from what I've seen of streams and gameplay videos and stuff it looks exactly like what they said it would be. What were you expecting out of it? Some cool Mass Effect-y campaign? I'm not trying to sound like a smartass, just genuinely curious what your expectations were.
  6. Alright thanks. Glad I didn't make the same mistake that I did yesterday.
  7. I just read 12 pages hoping for some but all i got was people hating on/defending cratos, something about rumored NV lineup being a new god squad, and falling over while playing soccer. edit: oh and somebody having one of those viagra 8 hour erections over the rumoured nv lineup I ain't mad.
  8. "Counter Lethul Gaming" ... but no Lethul on your team?
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