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  1. It's a learning experience for all of us, I think. I'll be publishing the individual responses later on for further examination. 304 is a very small amount, but I am thankful to have even had more than 40 people take the time to fill out the survey. I give thanks to all of my respondents EDIT: Individual responses here.
  2. Survey Results Players seem to most specifically want AR/Pistol in Slayer, but the amount of people whom want the BR as a starting weapon is near equal to this count. You'll find a lot more useful information in this survey about weapon balance and player preferences, so it's worth the full read. Results were collected from the Halo forums, the Halo subreddit, and these very forums. EDIT: Here are all of the individual responses.
  3. Which weapons would you like to have when you sprint into battle during Halo 5's launch? There is another survey floating around about Halo 5's multiplayer, but this one in particular talks very specifically about default weapon sets. The goal is to end the AR/BR controversy and see which weapon set the players truly desire when they load into a Competitive game of Slayer. I'm reaching out to the dedicated non-casual Halo players to find out exactly what we should be spawning with.
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