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  1. If Formal came up to you and offered to join you on the optic halo team, who would you drop?
  2. Here we go... Huke left E6 to join CLG because Lethul left CLG to join optic because Hecz told Formal he has to go back to Halo so the Halo Optic team will no longer embarrass his name. or no ?
  3. @@Randa wants #purplewall: Randa, Gandhi, Legiqn, and Maven WFX picks up Cloud from CLG CLG gets Ola from C9 Ninja goes back to C9 because...why not? Noble black convinces Ogre 1 to move back to the states but won't pay him to do so (NB refused to fly the coach out right?) Ogre 2 quickly teams up with ogre 1 and convinces walshy to return: 2gre, 1gre, ola and walshy
  4. All we need now is the right color for our #entercolorherewall and we'll propel ourselves into top 8 and the coveted green title!
  5. I have a house and a wife who cooks (you can ignore the 3 kids under 7). I like eating...and stuff...fitness bro!! Sounds like i qualify?? Edit: I'm not committed at all and play other games on a regular basis. Can scrim...sometimes if I'm not fitnessing or dieting
  6. 2000's all? Didn't you just win season 1? I would bet it all if i had that kind of cash
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