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  1. I just want to say that I played this game for this first time in like 5 years today, this time on PC, and I am still shocked at how bad the UI is. Games were fun though
  2. Yeah this game screams UT to me. Only ever played '99, but it feels like they added depth to the zero gravity areas from that and put them in the middle of every map. It's really cool how you change your movement style and tactics as you move from normal gravity to zero gravity. The art choices are growing on me as well, it's like the game isn't trying as hard to be friendly and likable. It has that dumb edginess/goofiness that most games have gotten rid of because they want to be taken super seriously. Visuals are a bit cluttered, would be nice if there were cleaner silhouettes to track against the hyper detailed geometry. I didn't play before the 1.4 health buff, and am kinda wishing I had now based on how much faster the TTK was back then. Would love to see a revert or tone back on some of those changes. Hope it manages to get a player base, I enjoy it more than any other PC shooter out there right now when a good lobby gets together.
  3. I've been playing this everyday since the free weekend, having a great time. Player count is struggling, but I get good matches quickly during primetime on the US-East server. I think almost everything about the game is average except for the core mechanics and gameplay, which are incredible. Overwatch feels soooooooo slow after playing this.
  4. Shield flare when you hit someone. Unique, tried and true, effective. No wonder they changed it to what everyone else was doing.
  5. H5 theater mode clips really stick out from live recorded footage. I miss Bungie's theater mode. Montage's style isn't really my cup of tea, but the plays are undeniably amazing.
  6. But the scope is the majority of what you see, and the part that's going to draw your eye the most. The whole thing looks dumb to me though.
  7. It was a sum of its parts game. Lots of annoyances but as a package it still hasn't been overtaken by any of the games after it. I've had my best times playing Halo while in splitscreen or LAN, and H3 is so fucking good at facilitating that it's not even funny. The features that game shipped with, and EVERYTHING works in splitscreen/LAN, your group (online or sitting next to you) can jump between all the multiplayer modes seamlessly, the artstyle pops so you can tell what's going on even with a fraction of the screen, I could go on and on, it's the best couch co-op shooter in history by a mile. Halo 3 needed better netcode, better sandbox balance, a utility weapon that could shoot straight, and some crispier movement. But it played well enough, and everything WORKED, and it was still Halo. People who had never played video games were trying out Halo 3, it provided the simple joys of casual Halo better than any other game in the series, and everything else grew out of that foundation. You want a new Halo game to sell, hit AT LEAST feature parity with Halo 3, market it as the best casual FPS experience and local multiplayer shooter out there, and give the competitive community the incredibly simple things they've been asking for for the last decade.
  8. Quake: We Added Some Gimmicks Edition
  9. Scoring a point, gaining map control, securing pick-ups, etc, is reward enough for getting a kill imo. It does incentivize a bit of movement, might let players in riskier areas of the map survive longer...still seems like a bad change to me.
  10. Also important to note that classic Halo gameplay and level design complimented splitscreen extremely well. Like most aspects of Halo, it works better within the classic formula.
  11. I'm really really really really happy about this. Thank you to all the people out there who've expressed in one way or another how important it is to this series.
  12. We'd still have hope for good re-releases of the classic Halo games. This collection could've had a staggering impact on the Xbox platform if it had been planned, marketed, and executed properly.
  13. I keep trying to win, but I'm not above fucking with them if I respawn nearby.
  14. Nokterne

    NHL Thread

    Okay this is disgusting https://streamable.com/9q21a
  15. Splitscreen and LAN's real value is that it makes Halo a better catalyst for great times with friends. Anyone who played splitscreen Halo during the original trilogy years will tell you how great a time it was. It's a powerful thing to have associated with your game. Don't underestimate the number of people who've left Halo because of the loss of local play.
  16. If I had lost touch with my school friends, I could be in the same boat. But keeping up a diverse set of interests and being genuinely curious in what other people are interested in is helpful. But it takes luck as well, sometimes you end up surrounded with vapid people and you just have weather that until you end up somewhere better.
  17. I wonder, does anyone know if there is some technical reason they went with such a limited color pallet for armor? Only design reason I can think of (and it's a bad one) is avoiding colors that blend with the maps too much.
  18. I always thought armour effects were distracting and looked awful. Love the rest of the post.
  19. So this is what true jealousy feels like.
  20. Wired will always be as fast or faster than wireless, so save yourself the batteries.
  21. I like Speedflag better than regular flag.
  22. Might have to jump on just to see how bad this plays. Shotty elimination with radar on, why didn't we think of this sooner?
  23. Just want to quickly mention as well, that this is a VERY good thing to have. That gradual shift makes adjusting to the new screen state a much smoother process than an instantaneous shift would. It keeps all the action in the gameworld readable during the zoom transition, and provides you with a frame of reference for how much the game has magnified your view. I actually find that the H5s sniper zoom transition is a little too fast. I know what they we're trying to do by making it that quick, but the zoom speed was not why it felt clunky in the beta, it was the animation that changed with your movement and could potentially block your view, and also that you could no longer zoom while the switch-to animation was happening, unlike in the previous games.
  24. Well the animation of the iron sights moving up to your face and the UI lights engaging isn't relevant gameplay information. Your brain is basically fighting for a handful of those transitional frames to get to the parts that tell you what your opponent is doing. The old system never breaks the view of your target. Go slow down some old footage and watch how their isn't a single frame in the zoom process where your view is impeded or a non-world object is moving across your screen. That's why it feels instantaneous, there are no frames that your brain needs to filter out, no gap in the information, however slight. Yes, both have the animations that are essentially identical in duration, but in terms of how many of those frames contain a clear image for gameplay, the old zoom system wins out.
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