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  1. Finally we get a date. Just looking forward to playing the campaign honestly.
  2. I just figured a lot of people have gotten into Smash bros Melee after seeing the documentary, so I figured I would make a topic on it. Feel free to discuss all things super smash bros. All games are welcome to discuss (64, Melee, Brawl, Project M, the new Wii U smash) but most of this will be about Melee.
  3. I can see why Diamond is Unbreakable would be some peoples favorite JoJo but it just wasn't the one that clicked for me.
  4. Welp I finished Diamond is Unbreakable and Golden wind lol. Didn't like Diamond is Unbreakable that much but really enjoyed Golden wind. So I'd say Golden Wind and Stardust crusaders are my two favorites.
  5. Certainly not as much as you lol but in the coming years I'm gonna try to do some more.
  6. It was on sale for $16 and I do game sharing with a friend. I paid the $8 haha. I usually take long breaks from this game so by the time I get around to playing shadowkeep maybe it'll be on sale.
  7. I actually found a great group and did Last Wish. That was really fun. I guess i need to get the annual pass now for the other 2 raids.
  8. Cross save comes out next week! Still looking to do Last wish and all raids after that if people here play
  9. I'm just numb to these school shootings. Nothing is going to be done. Legally purchased weapons being used for most of these shootings. Can't even get a bill on the floor to vote. On top of that, where I live we have a drug problem. Another guy I graduated high school with just OD'd, making it now 5 people in my class of around 200 who have done the same. I don't know what it is. Is it the internet that has allowed news spread quickly which is making me realize all the horrible shit going on? Were things really better 20 years ago? Or is part of growing up just seeing terrible shit everywhere.
  10. Alright that makes sense. But in that particular question Mueller didn't say that.
  11. I agree that this phrasing is confusing but that was kind of my point. Both sides interpret this as "Trumps done" or "case closed nothing to see here".
  12. Nice logical response there buddy. And thanks for calling me a fuckhead that was really kind. Clearly there's no point in arguing about this stuff. Everyone's mind is already made up.
  13. BUCK: Okay. But the -- could you charge the president with a crime after he left office? MUELLER: Yes. BUCK: You believe that he committed -- you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office? MUELLER: Yes.
  14. I was on Youtube yesterday as the Mueller testimony was unfolding. So ridiculous to see the complete different takeaways the different news outlets present out to the viewers. On one hand you have Mueller saying that Trump did meet the criteria and would have charged him for obstruction of justice if he was not the President. On the other hand you have Fox news saying how Mueller's answers were shaky and that this testimony was a huge win and a disaster for democrats. Really crazy how powerful the media is against the weak minded.
  15. I just started Diamond is Unbreakable. The entry shows I've used are Attack on Titan and Death Note. I started watching this because everyone on reddit talks about this show and so I wanted to see what it was all about. It's not a show that I cant pull my eyes away from but when I feel like it I'll watch a few. And I think that's just because the way its structured having subplots that don't go more than 2 episodes.
  16. This country is a disaster. What the fuck happened
  17. Been watching Jojo. Entertaining and funny. Wouldn't rank it among the greats but it seems to keep getting better as it goes on.
  18. I was blown away when I first started Red Dead Redemption 2. But now it just feels like a chore to play. And for the 2nd time now I've done a mission and then got off the game and after I got back on it didn't save. So frustrating. I picked up the new Crash Team Racing game I was having a great time with that. Haven't played a racing game in so long and I grew up playing the original CTR.
  19. There's gonna be crossplay between Xbox one, Scarlet, and PC right?
  20. So here's some of my takeaways from E3 so far: 1. Everyone seems to think streaming is the future of gaming. Which I think has some potential to be great. 2. I was thinking they'd introduce a new VR headset to go with the new Xbox. No word about this right? 3. So that's all the info we're getting about Infinite? I was hoping for some more details. 4. I want my Reach for MCC!
  21. Oh shit well I guess if I do want to play those I should just filter out slayer. Good idea
  22. Its fun at times and other times is just crazy. Its just constant shooting and nade throwing haha
  23. Anyone try playing Halo 1 8v8 on MCC? I'm really frustrated with the map selection. Last 2 days Ive played like 10 games. Five of them were on sidewinder, 3 on Hang em High. I feel like theres almost no chance of getting a Halo PC map which I want to play.
  24. https://media.giphy.com/media/hPPx8yk3Bmqys/giphy.gif god im glad this season is over lol that was brutal. Westworld's gotta do it big next year

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