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  1. Ive been playing some melee netplay these days if anyone wants to play!
  2. I haven't really gotten into the PvP. I do play gambit a bit though and enjoy that.
  3. you've revived the thread wow I've taken a break from this game but I was able to beat all of the raids. Happy about that.
  4. Random but I went to PAX east a few weeks ago and they had a Halo 2 tournament on the day I was there and I didn't know until it was over. I'll have to go again next time and see what kind of competition shows up for that lol
  5. Meanwhile Iran has said they are only looking to target the Army. They have no issue with US citizens, only Trump. We really are the baddies now.
  6. I just knew this would be someones argument. If you want any hope of a political career voting against party lines is suicide. This vote isn't about what you believe is the truth. Justin Amsah was the only one to go against the Republicans and now hes no longer one.
  7. Finally we get a date. Just looking forward to playing the campaign honestly.
  8. I can see why Diamond is Unbreakable would be some peoples favorite JoJo but it just wasn't the one that clicked for me.
  9. Welp I finished Diamond is Unbreakable and Golden wind lol. Didn't like Diamond is Unbreakable that much but really enjoyed Golden wind. So I'd say Golden Wind and Stardust crusaders are my two favorites.
  10. Certainly not as much as you lol but in the coming years I'm gonna try to do some more.
  11. It was on sale for $16 and I do game sharing with a friend. I paid the $8 haha. I usually take long breaks from this game so by the time I get around to playing shadowkeep maybe it'll be on sale.
  12. I actually found a great group and did Last Wish. That was really fun. I guess i need to get the annual pass now for the other 2 raids.
  13. Cross save comes out next week! Still looking to do Last wish and all raids after that if people here play
  14. I'm just numb to these school shootings. Nothing is going to be done. Legally purchased weapons being used for most of these shootings. Can't even get a bill on the floor to vote. On top of that, where I live we have a drug problem. Another guy I graduated high school with just OD'd, making it now 5 people in my class of around 200 who have done the same. I don't know what it is. Is it the internet that has allowed news spread quickly which is making me realize all the horrible shit going on? Were things really better 20 years ago? Or is part of growing up just seeing terrible shit everywhere.
  15. Alright that makes sense. But in that particular question Mueller didn't say that.

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