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  1. After watching episode 5 I think they wanted to convey an underlying deeper meaning about society. I still didn't like it and was kind of in shock.
  2. How are you guys doing in the H3 FFA ranked playlist? Played 2 games yesterday, one was against neighbor which didn't go so well lol. Is this playlist gonna be around for a while? I'd like to try and grind it but with it being 15 mins per game it could take some time.
  3. @legendaryshotz You're trying to convince people who are so cemented in their beliefs that they are wrong by using common sense. You would think that common sense is a good way to get through to people but as you are seeing, it doesn't work for some. I too have friends that I've tried to talk some sense into but I've found it to be a waste of time. People's beliefs are a product of their upbringing and experiences. And as they get older, it becomes a bigger part of their identity. They don't want to face the fact that they may believe in the wrong ideals so they continue down that path. They try to reinforce that belief by listening to news outlets that support it. They don't want to hear the other side.
  4. The saddest part of that entire rant was that hes probably right about one thing. We are going to elect Trump again.
  5. The meta has changed tremendously since the game came out. New heroes, new maps, hero balancing, and just more coordinated teamwork has contributed to that. Right now GOAT's is the still the dominant pro meta which is pretty terrible for the viewers but outside of pro play there isn't really a dominant meta.
  6. I tune in to a lot of Overwatch league and play at a somewhat high level. And I agree with @MultiLockOn about it being very difficult to follow. I've had to watch a ton of footage to try and understand what's happening. Even then the cameraman has to have the camera in the right spot so you can see what happened. Having said all of that its still very entertaining to watch. What makes Overwatch special is the heroes. The team compositions and strategies that get used are what makes every game and every OWL team unique. There simply isn't that much variance in Halo. It's much more subtle. Halo is of course a much easier game to watch for a spectator though. I'm not sure that spectators care that much about truly understanding pro gameplay though. Overwatch is flashy and colorful and that seems to attract audiences.
  7. Anyone still play this game and wanna help with the last wish raid
  8. New documentary or PPMD returning. The true snail race
  9. It was a great run. We'll just have to support it more at the other majors. I think its a good thing that many of the melee pros like Ultimate. Melee can still be around without dominating the smash games.
  10. Anyone here still tuning in to the overwatch league now that it finally started back up?
  11. Did you guys catch Baker Mayfield playing MCC with snipedown? Real fun stream. He's not bad considering he probably hasn't played in years and hes playing against people who play everyday

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