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  1. It was a great run. We'll just have to support it more at the other majors. I think its a good thing that many of the melee pros like Ultimate. Melee can still be around without dominating the smash games.
  2. Anyone here still tuning in to the overwatch league now that it finally started back up?
  3. Did you guys catch Baker Mayfield playing MCC with snipedown? Real fun stream. He's not bad considering he probably hasn't played in years and hes playing against people who play everyday
  4. I got ESO back when it came out on Xbox but never got into it. Got my brother and a friend to start playing and we've been having a good time but we're total noobs and would love to play with some other people. Anyone play here?
  5. Wow that Kevin Spacey vid... Someone in the comments, "still better than house of cards season 6"
  6. Nintendo has never been able to figure out online. Its unfortunate
  7. Its not guaranteed to be a good thing IMO. They have a lot on their plate now to handle. I think most people just want Destiny to be released as a complete game and not have to pay an arm and a leg for DLC.
  8. This popped up on youtube for me... figured I'd share. Its so horrible yet so funny at the same time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhK3sIVi_tY
  9. Bungie split from Activision! Maybe we won't have to pay an arm and a leg for DLC and have a good game on launch date for D3
  10. So I've been out of the loop but do we know anything about Infinite other than that trailer?
  11. I've been jumping into H3 hardcore on MCC. Been having some fun actually. Although my nostalgia goggles have definitely blurred how frustrating this game is sometimes. I've seen some of you guys too with your TB clan tags

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