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  1. Anyone play H2C Midship FFA's? Would love to run some
  2. I see no reason to get an Xbox Series X at this point if these are what the graphics are gonna look like. I'll get it on xbox one and think about moving to PS5 next gen.
  3. The way I see it, there's no reason to get this game for Xbox series X. This could be a fun game on xbox one. Doesn't have to live up to the standards of Bungie's halos for it to be a fun game. I'm just trying to lower my standards.
  4. I really wasn't impressed. I liked the weapons and the environment but the graphics were definitely not what I would have expected. As mentioned numerous times, I am not thrilled about sprint. The cut scene graphics look way better than the in game graphics. I'm willing to give open world a chance. It can be fun. I recently played Assassins creed origins and really liked how it was done in that game.
  5. Yeah I search H2C 4v4 and FFA and get games quick which is nice. But ranked just hits differently ya kno
  6. Does anyone attempt to play H2C hardcore on Xbox? I can never get a game and end up playing H3 hardcore. I'd also like to play H2C FFA's and customs if people still do that on here (Xbox)
  7. Hey man! Haven't seen that icon and name for a while lets get itttt
  8. I know I haven't been around on these forums much the last few years, but damn this is it boys. Let's see what you got 343
  9. Do people run halo 2 Midship FFA lobbies on MCC? I'd be interested to jump into in on those.
  10. I meant the part about no D3 but I guess Nokt covered that
  11. What made you come to this conclusion? I did see a few weeks ago about VoG.
  12. Ive been playing some melee netplay these days if anyone wants to play!
  13. I haven't really gotten into the PvP. I do play gambit a bit though and enjoy that.
  14. you've revived the thread wow I've taken a break from this game but I was able to beat all of the raids. Happy about that.
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