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  1. The only way around that is by saying, "Guardian is inspired of Lockout and isn't a direct remake", and that "Truth has all of the same lines of sight as Midship" then proceed to show comparison pictures. Too be honest, I forgot that I'll be dealing with those replies.
  2. Thank you! With the numbers from the video that uses units, and the numbers/metres Celestis has found, I'll be able to figure it out from there. Regarding the acceleration, that will take me a little while longer, and while I figure it out, I'll focus on comparing Midship/Heretic/Truth with total movement speed and FOV. There are two parts to Midship that I'm able to compare. The first one I've taken a quick look at is from the back of Red 2 and walk at base speed in a straight line until you get into the doors at Blue 1. (I haven't timed these to the millisecond, and so far they are very rough) Halo 2: 8.6-8.8 seconds Halo 3: 8.6-8.8 seconds Halo 3 MLG 110%: 8.2-8.4 seconds Halo 5: 11.5 seconds The second example will be from the back of Carbine to Pink. It's a pretty basic argument, and I'll probably end up not posting it, but it's something to keep my mind positive :P
  3. I'm not sure how I missed this video. I ended up searching "unit" and found it. It's not exactly what I was looking for, as the old post here was really well explained. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to do some more searching In the description it says this: Using software I extracted the run speeds from each game the speeds were: Halo1-3 - 2.25 units per second and Reach - 2.2 units per second I then timed the following runs which confirmed the run speeds: H1 - 200 units in 1:28:64 (200u/88.64s)=2.2563176895 UPS H2 - 200 units in 1:28.79 (200u/88.79s)=2.25250591 UPS H3 - 100 units in 44.70 (100u/44.7)=2.23713647 UPS Reach - 200 units in 1:31:23 (200u/91.23s)=2.19226132 UPS I also timed the Reach sprint speed: 200u in 56:33 (200u/56.33s)=3.55050595 UPS for H1 and H2 I created a map that was 200 units long and then exported it into H1 and H2 from the same file, the length was then confirmed by the amount of time it took to run the distance in H3 i pulled the size of the large mesh from the game file then counted the amount of squares in the grid and divided it out, I also pulled the size of the slabs I was running along, I also thirdly confirmed it by measuring the distance in meters using the sniper scope (we know 1.0 unit = 10ft = 3.0480061m) plus the amount of time it took me to run the distance confirmed it in a forth way in Reach I just created a 200unit walkway by using 5 unit forge blocks, which was confirmed by the time it took to run the distance
  4. Does anybody here know what the speed per second is in all of the Halo games? I remember seeing a post here a while back with a list of each Halo and their base movement speed in metres per second. I've tried using the search bar with "Halo CE 2 3 speed metre second" etc etc, but nothing is showing up. I did mange to find an old post about the FOV in each prior Halo. I'm currently getting a bunch of information together to write up a counter argument to why sprint is bad for Halo, how it stretches maps and why Halo 2 and 3 feel so slow (common argument over at r/halo). Going to base it off movement speed, FOV and using Midship/Heretic/Truth as a comparison point.
  5. This is a nice change of pace. Old Halo player's opinions of Sprint outside of r/Halo. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/4qr7np/what_do_you_have_an_extremely_strong_opinion_on/d4v8e8s?context=3
  6. I don't normally post here, only lurk when there is a bunch of commotion going on / new update drops. So Hello --- I thought I'd show everyone here some stats that I've been pulling from around the place. I'm basing this off what Frankie said on NeoGAF to be sold copies (although clarification of whether it's sold or shipped would be superb). There he said ~5 Million at 3 months, with an emphasis on the tilde (~), that could mean 4.5 - 5.5M sold. The Xbox One has sold 20 Million units worldwide. If H5 has sold exactly 5 Million by January, that means Halo 5 has an attach rate of 25%. Now here is some speculation, if Halo 5 continued on the trend and now has sold 6-7 Million - providing the Xbox One hasn't sold anymore units - that would put it at a 30-35% attach rate. So granted there are more units, that % will be lower. --- Let's take a look at the previous Halo titles. (Note I don't have the initial sales numbers, so I'm basing Halo CE and 2 off of total sales). The original Xbox sold 24M units. Halo CE sold a total of 5.5M copies in total. That gives it a 23% attach rate. Halo 2 sold 8.46M copies in total. That gives it a 35% attach rate. --- The Xbox 360 sold 17.7M units by the end of 2007. Halo 3 sold 8.1M copies by the end of 2007. That gave it a 46% attach rate. What's interesting to note is that there were less 360 units at the end of 2007 than there are X1 units at the end of 2015, but there are also more copies of Halo 3 sold than there were copies of Halo 5.
  7. With Precisions in each tower and Fuel Rod top mid is, it's replicating what the previous version of Truth did. Except it's far worse. - Put the BRs where the SMG was in each Base. This prevents a team from pinning down enemies in a base like the current version does. At the same time, it replicates the previous version, but you have to go out of your way to get the BR/more ammo. - Place the Carbine in Car2 closer towards the lift. This allows teams an opportunity at a Precision weapon if they're spawning in the Bubbles. - Swap the Plasma Caster back for Fuel Rod. It's too easy to skate towards enemies and reap a possible 10 OHKs, or deal an abundance of splash damage. The FR in Regret was bad enough with players skating into a base to clear it out. With the Truth/Regret bases being almost identical, the exact same thing happens. The buffed Plasma Caster is far superior on this map. - Put the Storm Rifles in the far corners of each Bubble (Alternatively, neutrally place it bottom middle). The idea behind putting them in the Bubbles is to prevent players who spawn in the Bubbles to be confronted by an SMG and a Storm Rifle while trying to get into a base. This however doesn't stop players taking a SR and holding down a base, but now players who spawn there can defend themselves with their own.
  8. I made a post over at r/Halo about the Playlists that we have in Halo 5 and how they can be improved. I know there are a few people here who would be interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/4bwujh/suggestion_for_updated_playlists/
  9. Here is a bunch of information I put together regarding the Sustained DLC plan. Thought everyone here at TB would be interested to see. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3ughlq/everything_we_know_about_the_sustained_dlc_plan/
  10. Here you are: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9ekAtjKL9zKbkcyaUxoS1kwN28&usp=sharing Credit goes to u/x24x on r/CompetitiveHalo
  11. Where is Regret? Surely that maps holds more competitive merit than Slayer on Eden? This is a playlist description taken from that link: Team Tactical Don’t let the name fool you—this is a new and somewhat experimental playlist. The focus here is on gametypes which place a high premium on cold, calculated cunning, and careful play. This does not necessarily mean twitch reflexes or mad headshot skills. The basic gametype here is Eliminatio, so named because it’s not quite elimination. You will respawn, but rounds end at 5 kills, so you and your team cannot afford to blunder into a prepared ambush. Work together, and know every inch and every corner of your maps, or you won’t get far. It makes me wonder if Breakout would have played better if it were like this? Mind you the launch start would have to be removed and the maps would need to be changed to allow a decent spawn system. Or am I completely wrong and this would encourage even more stalemates?
  12. Ah, I get you now. They're from Xbox Wire's Media Assets. Here's the link: http://news.xbox.com/media
  13. It's the theme's for the map Alpine. In forge I presume we'll be able to pick which theme we'd like to use for our maps. I also imagine it'll be the same for the Snow map and Space map.
  14. Ah yes, of course. I remember this being discussed a few days ago in this thread. While I do agree with you that Strongholds and 3 Plots are different. At the end of the day, in 3 Plots, the team that held two of the territories for the longest amount of time generally did win. However, Stronghold definitely makes the win more official. Regarding Team Elimination, it wasn't so much a competitive game type. It was more so good for making custom mini games. It allowed you to allocate a specific amount of lives to each player. If it's gone in H5, we'll see some custom game types disappear much like how Race disappeared when VIP was removed. Also, that's a good point. The fact that the maps are built in a stadium and have a whole different aesthetic, can warrant it to have a new name.
  15. You're right. I was going to make a point about VinFTW's first two bullets, but decided not to. Just forgot to unbold it in the quote. I'm still not entirely sure why we've been seeing name changes to classic game types. Considering Strongholds is essentially 3-Plots and Breakout is essentially Team Elimination with half shields and specific maps.
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