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  1. Suit yourself. I'm here for the competition. Playing to win and a challenge is what keeps things fun for me. Too bad also would have loved to have you join our community. :/ TTYL
  2. Halo 5 Gameplay - Onyx/Champion - STAYING ALIVE !! Sorry for the commentary at the end, got messed up in the output. Thank you for the support guys.
  3. Drop the CE man. I love the game, but its not worth spending lots of time on anymore. Anyways, if you wont make an effort to join up with the rest of us a see you around sometime. Ya Right. :P Add me noobski it's been a while.
  4. I play Halo 5 broski. Add me on XBL Anyways.
  5. Agreed. The interview we did with him back when he was part of Storm Venture was pretty cool. Really happy he still finds himself at the top of the "A" list. ESL is doing the PRO LEAGUE. I have no idea what that is but I'm sure he will have a big chance there.
  6. ...because we love him and he deserves his own thread.
  7. I love classic games of H1, H2, H3, but MCC hurt my xbox HDD space. I think it's important to keep developing the Halo 5 scene and give smaller players a chance to grow into it. Think about the kids !!
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. for reals, I copy/pasted almost everywhere. Live and Learn. _____________________ Back on topic: Do we all agree with the 4 fundamental play roles? and does Anchoring play as much of an importance in H5 as I imagine it does?
  9. Here is another Gameplay upload I've done in low quality. The love and feedback has been great so far. Thank you. Onyx/Champion SLAYER - Esports practice Please check the previous upload on the basic roles* and the importance it has in top level play.
  10. I think I do. I should pay better attention to what I write. Thanks bro, I tend to write really quick and use the auto completion. <3 lol
  11. Seems legit. ^ I know that I'm awesome because keeping the forums alive using humor and wittiness is my strong suit.
  12. [MINI GAME] I am Awesome because... [Rules] Write "I am awesome because" and then ad a reason you are so awesome. [WHY?] Why not. The world is so negative and hard sometimes... this kind of makes you feel better. I know that Im Awesome because I support TB.NET. I do this by clicking the ads every time I come on the forums. How Awesome are you?
  13. *Sigh* Agreed. It needed to a be a two step process leading into Halo 6. The sudden change was a little shocking. Unfortunately it's not an option anymore.
  14. The Buddy System Intro: The idea of mine came from the original Starcraft game and how easy it was to get your friends to play. If you had the installation CD you could install a "Spawn" version of the game, that was limited, on your friends computer. The "spawn" only gave you access to LAN and multiplayer features. With my frustration of not having a standard doubles playlist to meet new people and wanting Halo to grow for my own reasons I thought out a working method, among many, to get more gamers involved into the Halo franchise. Core Idea: A simplified multiplayer version of the game with Multiplayer only (Playlists and Customs but no Warzone.), and full access to the REQ system. This would also allow for a easy and light version of the game to be installed for tournament use. How it would work: It takes a long time to gain a lot of REQ points in Halo 5 (in the future I would assume in Halo 6 also), lets say a long playtime of work and sacrifice is 5,000,000 (5 million) - 10,000,000 (10 million) REQ Points. This would allow the dedicated players to exchange their hard earned REQ Points for a Buddy version of the game that could be gifted to another XBL member. A buddy version would NOT be allowed to purchase another Buddy version. Why it would appeal: Nobody wants to invest 100s and 100s of hours into a buddy version of the game without proper motivation. That same motivation would give players the incentive to want to take care of their investment; the newly acquired Halo inductee. This would create a strong bond between players, and invite the inductee to purchase the full version of the game to gain access to all of it's awesome content. Conclusion: Implementing this idea would be very easy (Cookie dough cut) and would help the community grow at an exponential rate, also drive game purchases and REQ pack sales. The most important aspect would be the forming of new friendships and help strong bonds form between friends and family over the medium of the Halo Universe. More REQ packs sold means a bigger Esports prize pool and that would attract even more players to come join us. ________________________________________________________ I wish I could introduce my little brothers to the Esports aspect of the game and show them how cool Master Chief really is without busting the bank if... If you have any suggestions or ideas to help this idea work better let me know bellow. Thank you.
  15. The ups and downs are a big part of what makes up the many dif. parts of the societal works in Halo. Remember all the feuds between clans and groups in H2. (PMS / KSI and etc...)
  16. I know that I'm awesome because I just recently switched to Geico and saved a bunch of money. LOL
  17. [Mods please move to appropriate section, not sure if im posting this in the right section.] Please don't hate, I'm very new to the video uploading. ___ If you guys have some videos you want to share with the world I guess we could start a community thread. I would really love to see a collection of material. <3 _________________________________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d6aClYe7K8
  18. Hit me up or not... Who am I? http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/12311-i-should-maybe-introduce-myself-first-eh/ Also looking for a team: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/12273-old-school-og-fa-canada/
  19. I'm back also, Thought I would say "Hey" to other new / comeback people. ^_^ Team Beyond seems like the old MLG community.
  20. Awesome Video bud. I'm getting into the forums myself. Welcome.
  21. Hello, I'm a free agent (F/A} and looking for teammates to get better with. Name: Joey (LucKeS) Rouges-Truchon Twitter: @LucKeS23 XBL: LucKeS - Teams or other F/A agents must be Ranked 1700+ or higher in FFA / Team Arena - I am still learning the callouts and strats - Play Main anchor / Objective / Shield Breaker - Halo player since 2003. - Top Local placings. - Tournament Experience. To the pleasure of meeting you. Feel free to add me for BR / Pistol FFA also.

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