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  1. Suit yourself. I'm here for the competition. Playing to win and a challenge is what keeps things fun for me. Too bad also would have loved to have you join our community. :/ TTYL
  2. Drop the CE man. I love the game, but its not worth spending lots of time on anymore. Anyways, if you wont make an effort to join up with the rest of us a see you around sometime. Ya Right. :P Add me noobski it's been a while.
  3. Halo 5 Gameplay - Onyx/Champion - STAYING ALIVE !! Sorry for the commentary at the end, got messed up in the output. Thank you for the support guys.
  4. I play Halo 5 broski. Add me on XBL Anyways.
  5. Agreed. The interview we did with him back when he was part of Storm Venture was pretty cool. Really happy he still finds himself at the top of the "A" list. ESL is doing the PRO LEAGUE. I have no idea what that is but I'm sure he will have a big chance there.
  6. ...because we love him and he deserves his own thread.
  7. I love classic games of H1, H2, H3, but MCC hurt my xbox HDD space. I think it's important to keep developing the Halo 5 scene and give smaller players a chance to grow into it. Think about the kids !!
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. for reals, I copy/pasted almost everywhere. Live and Learn. _____________________ Back on topic: Do we all agree with the 4 fundamental play roles? and does Anchoring play as much of an importance in H5 as I imagine it does?
  9. I think I do. I should pay better attention to what I write. Thanks bro, I tend to write really quick and use the auto completion. <3 lol
  10. Here is another Gameplay upload I've done in low quality. The love and feedback has been great so far. Thank you. Onyx/Champion SLAYER - Esports practice Please check the previous upload on the basic roles* and the importance it has in top level play.
  11. Seems legit. ^ I know that I'm awesome because keeping the forums alive using humor and wittiness is my strong suit.
  12. *Sigh* Agreed. It needed to a be a two step process leading into Halo 6. The sudden change was a little shocking. Unfortunately it's not an option anymore.
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