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  1. We don’t need a new Halo we just need MCC fixed. Idk about you guys but I could play a fixed H2/H3 for the rest of my sorry life.
  2. A 2020 Multiplayer wouldn’t be bad if: Next season is Halo 2 Season after that Halo 3 Then give us a classic Halo that’s not a piece of shit on launch because it hasn’t been rushed. Seems so simple yet I doubt it happens.... even though it would ignite the entire Halo community. and bring Halo back to center stage in terms of Xbox Esports.
  3. Tournament doesn't end until like midnight? Sweet I won't be watching until the end.
  4. www.twitch.TV/Pick6Gaming getting ready for EGLx Toronto!
  5. For anyone looking for a montage editor hit these guys up. Extremely professional and skilled at what they do.
  6. It's insanely hard to keep up with these rosters, my god.
  7. Thank you guys for the responses! Glad you enjoyed it
  8. Hey guys, Just finished uploading my H5 Montage to YouTube . It was edited by Sabotage Media and all clips were gathered by me during Matchmaking & Online Qualifiers. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it, and if you do please be sure to like & subscribe. Thanks for watching!
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