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  1. What is this Thread right now? I loved coming here in the morning checking scrim results, stats and rumours about roster changes. It was part of my morning routine but the off topic shit and the 343 bashing (allthough I have the same opinion like most of you about them) makes me not want to come back anymore.
  2. Spartan is really good at this game. First time watching his stream while scrimming and he is impressing me
  3. Leftovers are playing GB against a Team considering Blaze Khalifa,Burton,Reliable and Tizoxic. Excited to see how they will perfom
  4. First time watching Royal 2 playing Halo 5. He is insanely good. He is running MM and outplays kids on the reg.
  5. Not only Ryanoob is bringing us very good youtube content. I also love watching his stream. How he plays the game is really different than most the people I am watching. He is also breaking down his gameplay, why he does something and when. Really enjoyable. Besides Lethul my favourite stream right now.
  6. Ryanoob spectated a custom game lobby of Randa in which he was showing Optic different spots/jumps/callouts on Eden Late I guess Update: they lost a ctf on truth against Ryanoob,Walshy and two randoms
  7. Holy shit, the last one is seriously sick
  8. Team snipers was my favourite playlist in every Halo. But this playlist is serious cancer. Never have I ever been so frustrated while playing Halo. Nearly everything sucks. The Sniper rifle sucks, the shotty is op. The maps are awful for snipes and I dont want to start talking abput my terrible teammates
  9. Hate to say it but kicked out of all four games I played as a to2. Running solo was fine for me. Might also be just my shitty internet but it is annoying as hell since I didnt lag in game.
  10. It is a shame they did not give you guys a copys. The Pre Mcc Release stream with Saucey and Hokum is still one of my favourite memories of Mcc. I was so hyped after that :saucey:
  11. Can I also please get an invite for the Teambeyond chat? T3DPacifist is my username
  12. I swear Joe Fries is fricking hillarious. Him and Walshy casting is super entertaining
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