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  1. Totz was the worst player among the top 8 teams, probably top 16 but I'm being nice. He was an interesting personality and a nice dude who had his moments. But he just wasn't particularly good.

    that was the argument when he first got on a top 8 team.


    Towards the end of the H3 that changed. People moved from saying that to, if I was able to lan and practice again the caliber of player Totz does, I would be as good as him too.

  2. Sweet events help build the community.


    I WANT to go to an event but it has to be worth it. With the quality they put out now, I would drive 6 hours tops. Build a better atmosphere and put on a better show... and I'll make it a priority to attend distance be damned. I'm sure others are in the same boat.


    edit: also, yes I want to see heavy weights such as Optic, NV, and Liquid duke it out... but I also want to see ryanoob's team make a run, upset a squad or two, and get top 6. We don't have that opportunity anymore.


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