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  1. Classic would post. Ninja being the captain means nothing. I'm not sure what would be a better team: Ninja/Spartan/Penguin/Vic vs Spartan/Commonly/Penguin/Vic but I could see them deciding the former roster would work better.
  2. I could see him coming back to C9 WITH Penguin and without Ninja.
  3. The Stellur/Eco/Suspector/El Town squad is nothing to sneeze at if they click. Stellur is an amazing player but he's currently got the neighbor vibe going on (amazing player but his squad always underperforming). Can he get over the hump? I'm excited to see how they stack up against in their scrim tonight If the roybox duo / contra contra jr duos end up hooking up it really narrows down his chances.
  4. There's already enough stigma about Esports and Addy. We don't need a team full of players that have terrible sleep habits and don't eat. Also, where does Commonly go if the teams fall into place as it looks currently? He says he doesn't want to team with Ninja but I'm not seeing a lot of opportunities for him. I can't see him with Heinz/Ryanoob.
  5. Goofy was an absolute boat anchor. ALG improved with Heinz, but they could have improved with a bunch of different pick ups as long as it meant Goofy was gone.
  6. Heinz is solid, but he didn't turn ALG around. Goofy being dropped turned ALG around.
  7. In the four online tournaments leading up to Lethul leaving EG they finished 1st, 3rd/4th, 9-16th, and then 2nd. It wasn't #2 poaching from #1, it was #2 poaching from top #3. E6 could do something similar. It looks like Envy IS doing something similar. On an unrelated note, here's my team of tough personalities to team with. As a Ninja fan, I think it's his best chance at succeeding. Good chance it is a train wreck though: Contra Devon Spartan Ninja
  8. Only Ogre 2 and Optic wanted Naded last time around. Ogre 2 couldn't find a a suitable team and retired... Optic was the last team to qualify for the NA tourney for worlds. I'm not going to say either party was desperate, but they both didn't have a ton of options. This time around could be similar - maybe the Brown twins, maybe Ninja/Vic X if they get the short end of the stick on the roster shuffle. Devon and Contra will get the chance to scrim with more desirable players, but if it doesn't work out I could see them looking Naded's way as well.
  9. I didn't turn in my homework because I haven't finished it yet - ESL
  10. Have a big finals, lots of viewers concentrated in one place... it's the ideal moment to announce what's coming next. It needed to happen after worlds. It needed to happen after pro league finals.
  11. ESL will decide how to handle that situation if it happens when it happens Ninja is just crossing his fingers and waiting out Commonly/Penguin
  12. Ninja and Spartan say they won't team but circumstances may make them each others best options...
  13. I've given you positive rep and negative over my time on the forum, just like any poster.... this is the 2ND time you've publically posted about negative. How I imagine you:
  14. You're correct, there's a chance making a move won't work out. Getting worse is a possibility as we've seen with EG. But if you want that number 1 spot you gotta take the risk.
  15. My concern with Snipedown is with how he'd coexist with Mikwen. That being said, I feel like Snipedown could adapt his playstyle and it would work well.
  16. For the record, I see E6 not making a move. They'll improve as a team. But it still won't be enough to beat CLG. I see NV making a move. If I were Mikwen I'd be looking at players like Commonly or Eco to replace one of Rayne or El Town.
  17. Tell me where I say teams should look at a stat sheet to find a better player for their team. I haven't even suggested a roster move that would indicate I feel the games are played on paper. I feel as though this entire discussion has been about you telling me what my own thoughts are on the subject. My argument is simple: the teams now, as they currently are constructed and accounting for improvement, won't dethrone CLG. So make a move or be forever 2nd/3rd/4th.
  18. Subpar arguement. Huke had only played H5, for what... a month or so? Everybody knew he had insane potential due to his age and time spent playing Halo. Besides, he wasn't dropped for an upgrade, he was dropped because halo kids are shady. I think I commented that it was the worst drop in Halo since TD dropped Ola. I also never suggested Shooter or Cratos can't get better at the game but each player does have a ceiling. Back when I grinded Halo 3, I got better and better... but guess what? I never got my MLG 50. I just didn't have it.
  19. How CLG built a god tier team: 1. Had two of the best players in the game (Royal 2 and Snakebite). This seems similar is situation to where a few teams are now... 2. Dropped one of their players and upgraded to one of the best players in the game (Frosty) 3. Dropped one of their players and upgraded to one of the best players in the game right before the roster lock. (Lethul) They hoped the new squad would have the skill and work ethic to be #1, but they'd never played as a team before. Teamwork and practice may get you further than changing teams, but I'm trying to argue you need the guns, the teamwork and the practice... because that's exactly what CLG has. Nobody has the guns, hence the need to make a change. If NV and E6 stand pat, at least on of them will be passed up by another team next season.
  20. I never said Shooter is the weakest player on E6. He just isn't at the same level as anybody on CLG. Either is Cratos. If Lethul retired to go play minor league baseball and CLG picked up either of those two players, it'd be an obvious downgrade. More importantly, I fully realize its not just plugging players in but you have to realize practice and singing songs around a campfire are only going to help a team so much. The current rosters out there will not dethrone CLG... if players want to consistently beat them and make dat life changing money, they have to make a move. edit: you are spot on with Suspector. Making a move doesn't guarantee anything and it can blow up in a teams face.
  21. The reason these 'god squads' are being posted is simple: Shooter is not as good as any of the players on CLG. Either is Cratos. You can argue Huke and maybe Bubu. Rayne is not as good as any of the players on CLG. Either is el Town. You can argue maybe Mikwen and Ola. Ninja is not as good as any of the players on CLG. Either is Vic X. You can argue maybe Hammy and stretch yourself to Penguin. You can argue teamwork, practice, and so on but it will only take you so far.

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