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  1. yup, you're correct. I can't give him credit for being the 4th best OBJ player based off the statistics we have available. It is easy to use those same stats, however, to pretty comfortably say he's a top 10 obj player in the game.
  2. great point! They used to do this back in day with A-rod and the Yankees. He used to hit a lot of homers in the 7th/8th/9th inning in games were the Yankees were ahead by quite a bit.
  3. stats do tell a story in this game... but the raw stats we see now tell an incomplete picture. This isn't baseball, where you can isolate specific batting/pitching stats and draw fairly well informed conclusions on ability. This is a lot more similar to the basketball, where team mates can drastically effect performance and drawing conclusions is a lot let less clear.
  4. Ninja's situation now reminds me of where he was when he joined Noble in H2A. There's a lot of good ingredients in the kitchen, but they don't really go together into a meal.
  5. Ryanoob, Shooter, Heinz and I think Ninja are running games
  6. yup, new E6 has a lot to prove We've seen the Cratos discussion, can he continue to out perform people's expectations? Which Suspector will we see? We know Stellur can put up huge stats, but can he translate that to team wins? Will bubu still take our dubu? Obviously it'll be hard seeing them place outside of the top 4.
  7. I'm well aware of this and if you've read the forums at all the past week or so you'd know I fully advocated for a team change to this extreme. I'm just saying this team's success will be measured by one thing: first place. Hyping them for looking good against this ALG leftover squad is meaningless.
  8. dude a chalkboard? everybody knows teams are made on paper
  9. .... as somebody who made the opposite argument, don't jump the gun. They need to be beat CLG on the regular basis for all these moves to really matter. This team could still be 'only' top 2, which nV or E6 could have accomplished next season without changes.
  10. If the teams stand as they do now, there are 4 incomplete seed holding teams (technically three once ALG makes a choice): EG with Roy and Lunchbox ALG with Devon and Contra Liquid with Eco and Danoxide (if they stay a team) ALG with Ryanoob and Heinz Personally, if I want to have any chance of success, I'd be looking at the former two rosters. If roybox and contra/contrajr decide to team we're going to have two very poor leftover style squads in Liquid and ALG to compete with Optic.
  11. it isn't that he can't be taught or isn't willing to improve. He's impulsive and it gets the better of him. Sometimes it gets the better of him more often. His biggest issue right now is knowing when to change up his playstyle. We've seen the data - the huge amounts of damage dealt, lots of kills, but also tons of time spent on respawn. His pressure is a huge asset to his team. He provides constant pressure that allows his teammates to really work and get kills. But when they're on their heels it is just him not finishing kills or creating opportunities for his team and at his worst, endlessly dying. He needs to do a better job of recognizing when this is happening.
  12. they'll be better than Liquid and Optic... and competing for that 4/5/6 slot. Might not be as strong of a team as last season, but not too different.
  13. amazing the difference a year makes. No way anybody would have thought there'd be a potential Naded/Ninja/Roybox squad.
  14. You can argue who should be dropped, but the APG/Maniac/Ace bromance is too strong. Surely I'm not the only one that notices they do nothing to promote Str8 Sick. He'd be the one gone. right NOW is the time for Optic to be trying to make moves. There's a lot of different players who could become the odd man out and the Optic brand, for better or worse, is probably a better option that a leftover squads that could form on ALG and Liquid. Here's who I'd be reaching out to: 1. Shooter - he'd fit in amazingly with the brand and the team 2. Ninja - I doubt he'd ever do it though. We all know why it would be smart for him and Optic.
  15. Why is this still a thing? They offered him a spot and he accepted within a day or two because it would be a better team. That was that, no evil plan to hurt other teams chances.
  16. Exciting! Obviously the nV side is great - even a sarcastic TJ can't say much about them. Legit contender. What does bubu do? Will Cratos prove himself and finish in the top half of the league yet again?
  17. Would it be that shocking to see him run with Roy/Lunchbox/Naded? It would fit with penguin running with a different team tonight.
  18. I would argue Penguin wasn't consistent. He looked like a mistake early in the season but to his credit, came into his own towards the end. The original RNG roster was pretty scary looking vs the top teams at the time. Who knows how they'll work out at this stage of H5 though.
  19. it isn't if he really is in the know or not - it is in the delivery.
  20. top 3 imo. I would swap Pepperoni for sausage - definitely a better combo on paper, but not sure how all the toppings mesh.
  21. basically, he's going to tell us how hard it was back in his day and to get off his lawn

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