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  1. come on. He was playing with the new nV and made it well known it was the new nV then suddenly... no, it isn't! and he comes on the forums denying it. Not hard to imagine EG coming down on him and then that huge apology comes in. Clearly all related.
  2. Str8 Sick needs to keep his head down, work hard and get the last laugh: Relegate Optic and get their roster disbanded/dropped on Vision
  3. I remember after Worlds, APG talked about how Ace wouldn't go over film... so APG would do it for him and give him the cliff notes. Definitely seemed annoyed. Ace is a top 4 talent who is content on the 8th place team... need I say more?
  4. haha your name has four letters in it edited to include the correct ESL staff member. Jury is still out on you, better be a mole sent from MLG sent to take down ESL from the inside. Holy shit.. if that's the case, you're doing a great job.
  5. If I go premium do I get more neg rep? I'm only on page 12 and @@Timo has me triggered
  6. Can't wait to read about how everything that has happened negatively in his career wasn't his fault
  7. you may be an all time great, but you'll never fill Che's shoes
  8. I feel like we're reading too much into who is at this summit. If it is anything like what we've seen, players prolly got about a week advanced notice.
  9. in b4 Optic Halo goes back in time and wins all the H2A events with a roster of Maniac/Ace/Heinz/APG you'll see who has the last laugh
  10. nobody has really reached out to them so they're not running with anybody yet
  11. I didn't realize the majority of 30 MINUTE flag games ended in 1-0 scores.
  12. I'm painting my house next weekend, I'll dm you my address as it seems you'd enjoy watching it dry
  13. Roybox might as well team with Vic X. Clearly have a low chance of contending during the fall season, so go play with a friend. It isn't like they'll get relegated by Randa. Edit: @@Cratos on @@LethuL -Have a better shot -Make better decisions -Make better plays -All around better player than Lethul -Lethul is a better fit for CLG that him
  14. interesting take from @@Cratos on Snipedown: -Average Halo 5 player who is obviously going to look really good on that nV team. -He's a bad teammate -Its not how you act when you're winning, its how you act when you're losing -Not knowledgeable at this game but gets by on his skill Edit: On EG: -top 3 team at worlds, top 3 team going into pro league. -take vacation and play poorly for two weeks -Snipedown acted like he was way above his teammates, creates a hostile environment -How does Suspector go from being the best player in the game to looking average?
  15. ninja looks like he's on some sort of trip Str8 Sick is a great thought. Odd man out on Optic if they decide to make moves and it has been pretty clear he's not 'in' with the rest of the team. Better to look for options now...
  16. interesting. lots of teams steaming tonight... should narrow things down
  17. yeah, agree 100%, can't see it happening either. He just needs to realize there's no real difference between finishing 5th-7th or 8th with Optic. Either way he's not on a contending team. Take that Optic juice and best case, get picked up by a top 4 team prior to the mid season roster lock.
  18. now is the time for Hecz and Ninja to make a business decision: Ninja: he looks like he won't get on a contending team this season, so he needs to punt and join Optic. In the short term, he probably doubles his streaming numbers which is solid cash. Obviously Optic provides bigger opportunities down the road if need be. Hecz: Optic halo is struggling. Bringing in Ninja over Str8 Sick brings you a personality that helps build the Optic brand. Currently Maniac and Ace's sunglasses are the only thing contributing to Optic's brand from the Halo side of things. Most importantly, it gives you a player/personality to build around if the Maniac situation doesn't work out for the better.
  19. Maniac is literally nothing without Optic at this point in his life - for better or worse. His vlog's have made me a big fan but lets be honest. He's gone from living at home / working part time at a grocery store to this... His position with Optic is precarious.... you'd think he'd be thinking about how to better his position long term. He looks more than content to enjoy the ride until it ends.

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