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  1. is that because the H5 shotgun isn't as easy as the H3 shotgun?
  2. just want to give a shout out to the dudes who tried arguing with me that the key to beating the current optic roster was keeping your roster from the previous season while working on strats and chemistry
  3. man, so glad there were so many orgs taking care of players and making sure they got to events back in the h1-h3 days.
  4. shooter to E6 for Cratos could create a team up there to consistantly threaten NV and Optic
  5. part of me thinks this is a long troll / subtle marketing. first H6 teaser poster will have master chief looking over a huge vista on a new planet and the only text will be: Soon
  6. Soon™ - 343 Also props to EG. They are this seasons leftovers.
  7. I'm sure T2 got told to tone it down... but he still slipped that 110% comment in
  8. try wrapping your head around that ruling while getting ready to do the replay as a member of EG. Not surprising.
  9. reminds me of Hotshy and his doubles partner at the Ogre's winter wonderlan in '04
  10. He was good - your filler/objective/leader type. To put it in perspective in terms of how well regarded he was, when H2A came out he attracted these players to team: Ace, Snipedown, and Pistola.
  11. super happy to see a roster of players just COASTING get dropped. @@Ace and crew can go BTH without leeching off of Optic
  12. glad to see @@LethuL post. Now I know how Cleveland felt after Lebron returned.
  13. well, at least E6 is being super open with Stellur. It gives him and other teams plenty of time to consider moves prior to the next transfer period.
  14. best quote from Stellur in that link: they'll try to use Nemmasist as a sub but I will tell them I can play so they can't Looks like something is going on but please don't start waxing poetic about how good Stellur is. He puts up big numbers but his team always underperforms. Dude is the next neighbor.
  15. 1. things were said about naded 2. he didn't like it 3. he let you know 4. you are looking for ways to avoid 1 through 2 in the future The way you word it sounds like he's dictating his own narrative to me. Unless you're banning him from all future tournaments, that would solve the casting issue as well
  16. don't let T2 dictate his own narratives either - we know what happeend
  17. He's earned 'Naded Curse' and 'Emotional Player' by his actions and if he wants that to change, he needs to do it with actions. Lame to see we're letting pro players dictate their own narratives.
  18. if your mom has to approach men at bars does that mean Scarlet Johansson does too? Scarlet is a known quantity that has proven to be exactly what you need to grow your... scene. You approach her.
  19. reassuring to see E6 come out strong and not take an AM team lightly
  20. yup, you may never be pro in your halo 'career'... but if you can upset a pro team on lan, nobody can ever take that away from you. No hate, but how often do you think the Sudds think back to their upset? It had to be an amazing moment for them. obligatory emote:
  21. nV took game 3 - this reminds me of the old H3 days trolling bnet pro player accounts for scrim info

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