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  1. I've said it before, without 343's backing Che's Halo career would have been about a weeks worth of warzone and a .6 k/d ratio.
  2. No radar is going to create other balancing issues as we've (potentially) already seen. If we ever want to see a true Halo game again, Microsoft needs to take this path: H6 - campaign and warzone Halo: 'GO': free to play mp, ships with every xbox. Free dl for existing xbox. Copy the business model of CS: GO. Keep it classic halo.
  3. I am in no way questioning his skill. My question is this: does Stellur play winning 4v4 halo? 1. Optic Stellur - Stellur joins, puts up the best stats on the team but they're a top 12-16 team while underperforming expectations. 2. RNG Stellur - Stellur joins, puts up the best stats on the team, stats far better than Commonly - yet the team couldn't win the games they needed to. 3. Liquid Stellur - great team, couldn't win games. 4. E6 Stellur - great team, this is the outlier IF you ignore them underperforming at the LAN. 5. EG Stellur - jury is out, but this team will not be top 4 with Stellur. You can argue they'd be outside the top 4 with him as well. Bottom line is teams with Stellur can't seem to win games and series needed. He's basically the anti Cratos.
  4. EG has a ton of problems, but I stand behind this: Stellur causes teams to under perform.
  5. lol, everybody has it wrong. H5 is distracting Ninja from H1Z1.
  6. can we crowd fund this a bit? It wouldn't be hard to get the prize pool above 3k and attract top teams
  7. this next match is interesting. Is Liquid a contender or a pretender?.. not just for the tournament, but in the pro league overall. Another loss really drops their stock.
  8. -gets dropped -still roots for former teammates the negativity of this thread stresses me out
  9. I feel like I can disagree with you and still love the work you do casting. Please don't pull a 343 and stop posting here at the first sign of controversy.
  10. I know the T2 love is almost overdone at this point, but.... Thank you T2 for being the only caster to NOT wear a tshirt under a blazer.
  11. his last comment is way off base as I believe the majority of the community can wrap their head around why there wasn't a huge competitive H4 scene. That being said, everything else is warranted. Our comp scene is subpar. MLG could make it better. MLG is being blacklisted. Why wouldn't MLG make this public knowledge?
  12. Just going to parrot Lethul: It is an HCS event. If you aren't confident in the product your HCS event will produce, you need to hire somebody else rather than neglect to properly promote it.
  13. what, 300 dollars in ad revenue over the next few days? And literally dozens deciding to follow to watch tournaments in other games. Throw them $500 bucks, call it even, and put it on the Halo channel.
  14. I'm convinced 343 had to do esports but their heart isn't really in it. They'll ride this train of mediocrity for a while longer and then drop it - telling their bosses, "We tried to make it work, but the market wasn't there."
  15. there isn't a 100% direct connection between mind and suit in the Halo universe. Latency is a feature, not a bug.
  16. I applaud Esports Arena for finding a monitor that best simulates online play on H5's servers. You have to have consistency between practice and competition conditions.
  17. so wait. Four am teams qualify for a later tournament this weekend? Do we honestly expect all four teams to stick together?
  18. yup, FIS was one of the players who grinded the octagon nonstop in the off-season and was better for it. The octagon gave him the practice needed to understand the subtle nuances of the gun play in H3 - beyond that of his peers. Cloud was the same story.
  19. Ace is 6 foot one and fully rested. If you so much as appear on his screen this weekend expect to get perfect'ed.
  20. I feel like AGL Brad had more passion for Halo than che - he just had 343 $$$. Without developer money, che's halo career would be a month of warzone after release and that's it.
  21. it would appear Ace has exited his hibernation early this week - I was curious to see how long it lasted and found something interesting. there's one other primate that hibernates: which led me to notice: Based on the evidence presented, I hypothesize that Lethul and Ace are of the same species AND the Optic Juice puts them in a hibernation-like state. This explains LOL's recent great performance and Optic's continued poor performance.

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