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  1. imo, you're overrating Ace. He has been nothing but complacent in H5.
  2. If anything, that twitter drama makes it more likely they team.
  3. pretty much. If you aren't on nV / Optic worlds is the only way to make real money.
  4. Meanwhile, in a Microsoft HR office somewhere... Be head of HR Check on 343 sandbox position applications See 20 applications Have to narrow down candidates Search for phrases 'no radar' and 'competitive' Find 16 applications Remove 16 applicants from recruiting process Candidate pool successfully narrowed
  5. being able to rotate across the map in the blink of an eye + super easy sniper (and other power weapons) makes for a really odd competitive meta
  6. Cool. Liquid has the ability to take out NV. edit: how much money did Str8 miss out on by losing?
  7. I've wondered if Cratos, in terms of ability and placings, is H5's version of H3 SK. Is this where he falls off and never gets back to the top?
  8. Blah, tired of messing with html and want to focus on getting my points across. I've labled your text with your name. wickett: Everybody understands this isn't a charity. The arguement is ESL needs to make decisions that improve the viability of Halo long term - rather making decisions that maximize profit while fulfilling contract obligations. Tesla lost money for quite a long time - because they knew their investment would pay exponential benefits in the future. Does ESL not see the long term benefit in lowering current margins to put out a better product/grow the scene? wickett: You're always a bit shifty with how you answer this one. ESL has exclusivity in the sense that you guys are the only TO that is subsidized by 343 to promote Halo esports. You guys carry the most weight because that subsidy is the only thing that is legitimizing our scene right now. Wickett: You are addressing a potential solution to a larger problem. Halo fans saw their game thrive under a single TO. Under our current structure, with multiple TOs, it isn't - can't blame people for wanting to go back to a solution that worked in the past. Wickett: Do you subcontract these lan events out to other TOs? If so, you should have a hand in how they're run because it hasn't been ideal. Wickett: Great metric. Is Halo building up steam or just benifiting from having a competitive Optic team? Wickett: Can we get a straight answer? Can you acknowledge that the Pro League format isn't condusive to finding the best LAN teams and you'll amend the structure of finals and/or Pro League to solve this issue? Wickett: Can you get this information out multiple times on stream in front of viewers? Wickett: We know you're reading. We're frustrated that it mostly ends at that. We're a small community and transparancy is strongly desired. Wickett: I'm excited for our bi-annual pro Halo lan and wish there was more.
  9. I remember going back and forth from Reach to H3 back in the day. I'd be sniping on point in H3, switch to Reach and not miss a beat. I'd do the reverse switch and miss a ton of shots in H3 - the ease of use of the sniper in Reach made me lazy with my aim. H5 looks at least as easy as Reach to land shots.
  10. just watched Towey's upload of the Liquid series. I have to say the Beee on the sticks / Towey calling out works out well.
  11. how can he be signing on to multiple accounts if there is only one computer in his room?
  12. Cratos is always vying for top 4 (or higher). Nobody likes him and he's very vocal. Makes for a great villain. Where have you been over the course of H5?
  13. I get that. My point is: they've spent the majority of H5 out of the top 8 (predominately online events). If it was predominately 'lan' events, would that still be the case?
  14. these lan events make me wonder: Players like Ryanoob, Goofy, ect are not top 8 players online; we've been able to see that. But are they on 'lan' (or in this case, when everybody has equal internet)? We'll never know because they'll never be at an event with all 8 of the Pro League teams
  15. ESL can keep the warzone montages, they just need Joe Fries and Legion to cast the downtime action.

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