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  1. Nemassist is Cratos' friend. They, with the coach, hold the seed. Neither one will allow the other to leave because their time is short alone.
  2. UGC needs to be flexible in their streaming schedule... you've got the most controversial team coming into the tournament vs one of the most popular streamers. How does this not comprehend?
  3. If we don't get to see Cratos lose on stream this weekend it will be a waste
  4. always good to see an AM team beat a heavily favored pro team
  5. they lost to, imo, the 3rd best team. Let me know when they lose to randa and then you might be right
  6. Str8 and EG's hopes of making worlds are severely hurt today due to.. brackets. Luminosity and Panda's chances were helped. All 4 of these teams haven't played a game yet.
  7. T2 doing Demon D a solid not mentioning his criminal record
  8. jesus put Spartans face on there and you literally won't be able to determine if it is a meme or the real thing
  9. Hopefully ALG / Bubu's team place top 4 at worlds and Panda don't qualify... just to make ESL's decision look even worse going into pro league.
  10. Summer Pro League: featuring 7 of the top pro teams and 3 guys who are willing to team with Cratos
  11. @@Vivi because of rulings like this, the quality of competition in pro league goes down... how is that in anybody's best interest?
  12. bubu in a lobby with OG2. Could you imagine the hype of a bubu / shooter / og2 / shotzzy squad?
  13. BTW, you forgot to introduce yourself. Everybody, this is Miq - he's head of the new Esports division at Fox News.
  14. Not surprised to see Cratos teamless He always said he only teams with his friends
  15. this is exactly the type of crazy I'd expect to be in a relationship with Naded

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