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  1. hate the players all you want but ALG is an awesome org to have involved in the scene
  2. can't wait to spend the next two hours watching Splice beat ALG and EG in long yet anti-climatic series
  3. of the 4 teams left, cryptik is the favorite... crazy to think about heading into today let alone two weeks ago.
  4. I'm honestly just pulling for any of the players that the pro league cliques have kept out
  5. He wasn't good at the start of the H5 - he's been behind the curve for the majority of the game's lifespan. We'll see for next pro league if he gets a shot.
  6. honestly the proposed radar system is awesome. knowing a player's movement speed was consistent is a huge part of awareness without radar. Reach + sprint + no radar was a nightmare because with sprint you literally couldn't anticipate positioning.
  7. good point, best competition is going to take place this weekend
  8. The Danoxide addition turned them into a legit enough team. With that drop and the series last night, ALG gave them a slot at worlds.
  9. ALG and EG.. are you guys still too good to team with Ninja and Cam?
  10. can we just agree that if a game ties, we move the map/gametype to the end of the series and proceed on to the next?
  11. FAKE NEWS ALERT Saying the twins play too slow in this game is incorrect and shows you haven't watched much of their game play.
  12. why would anybody want to know what time it starts in the eastern time zone? Halo is a west coast game.
  13. Team Beyond is to 343 as No Mutants Allowed was to Fallout. Why engage a group of people when you're trying to make that group a part of your past?
  14. Str8 could have two mindsets right now: 1. We have the fourth seed locked right now, we'll practice more as we get closer to something that matters for us 2. We have a 7 figure tournament coming up, let's grind and get that money Not surprised which one they've picked
  15. they've been scouting out possible double elimination brackets but if that falls through we'll fall back on single elimination
  16. when the prize pool is worth more than the venue you have a problem
  17. If I'm looking for a hotel, sometimes a last second reservation is considerably cheaper for a room I see what you're doing ESL.
  18. Panda, with the addition of Danoxide, is now a solid team. Still bs how they got a pro seed but they won't embarrass themselves against AMs and bottom half pro teams.
  19. ESL wants Halo to do well in the same way you want to do well in the job you don't like. You do well enough that the paycheck (or in this case, the contract) still happens. But the passion and care needed to help avoid the small mistakes and do a truly good job is not there.
  20. There is a whole cottage industry of people within the halo community who never gave Ninja a chance from way back in the reach days - and have always just hated on him. I don't know how I would handle that, but I can definitely see why he acts why he does.

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