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  1. The meta / game play will be different enough that if you don't put the time in, you won't be successful. With H2A's easy aiming, and classic gameplay I feel like a lot of experienced players can be successful without putting in a lot of time.
  2. I'm not ashamed to say Ninja is my favorite player. That being said, he has deficiencies. I feel like he has regressed since early H2A - and he hasn't objectively looked at what he needs to do differently. Him being left outside the 'bubble' doesn't surprise me and hopefully it forces him to grow as a player. He'll need to if he wants to place well
  3. you might be the only person to not realize how irrelevant T2 really is
  4. Optic is going to replace Contra and I think a lot of great players would consider them a solid option. I could easily see Hysteria, Pistola, or anybody on Denial round out that team. If Hysteria goes, so does the rest of C9. People hate on Ninja a ton but he's certainly better than FIS at this point. Combine that with his sponsorship and he'll have no trouble creating another 3rd-6th place team.
  5. Any predictions? Mine: EG 1st CLG outside the top 3 Optic or C9 to overperform and get 2nd Sudds outside the top 8
  6. He, personally, rarely makes team changes. Please reread what I wrote.
  7. I don't see any other alternative than Legit for Str8 - who else would want to play with them? A couple of semi-related points: 1. I've seen talk the past 20 or so pages as if Legit is still an amazing (or even good) player. I feel like he's been average at best since H3 ended - even though he has been competing in a dwindling/less competitive scene. I can't find a good source for placings but I feel like it has been a loooong time since he was a driving force on a top 8 team. His time has past. 2. There is a lot of Naded love and for good reason. Dude is a beast and his teams always seem to have their objective game on point. He is a huge part of that - such a well rounded player. Halo seems to have an inner circle of players that are readily willing to team with each other and Naded hasn't been in that group since H2 ended (T2 has been an outsider looking in for a while now too). From a personality stand point, something about Naded is off and solid players seem to make lateral (at best) moves to leave the guy. He isn't unlucky / getting screwed over with team changes - it has been a consistent pattern for a long time now and the only constant variable in the equation is him. No Naded hate here, love to watch him play... just my 2 cents.
  8. just an interesting tidbit: Naded discussed on stream how he never thinks about making team changes and is not currently thinking about team changes but..... he went on to discuss the lack of dedication Prototype and St8 Sick have shown. He also mentioned how T2 and himself have been paying the whole team's way to tournaments.

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