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  1. I don't feel there are many players that mesh well (or counteract) NInja's play style. Add a player like mikwin in and you'll have another classic ninja team that has 4 good players that can't seem to win games like they should on paper.
  2. Renegades will easily get worse with mikwin. Only way I see them coming out of this without getting worse is picking up one of the new Liquid players.....
  3. Lethul for Ogre2 makes perfect sense and does improve the team. Sunday should be very interesting for CLG. EG got worse... but the drop off is not as bad as many are thinking. It should be interesting for Leftovers over the next few days.
  4. I should add @@Ace, tourney should be over around 9:00. Go back to bed and wake up then - you can maintain your regular practice schedule.
  5. crazy how: Ace can't get out of bed at 8:00 at night to play with his teammates who have been waiting to grind. APG can't get his internet to work. Yet they feel their old team is what is holding them back from higher placing? Ha.
  6. in before Ace returns to Optic and his points get them easily into the top 16.
  7. i dont. please explain the commonly known definition of grinding as it is used in halo
  8. Very cool that you're developing a statistical model. I'd look at developing a confidence interval for your model's predictions next.
  9. Sudds will go, probably get top 3 and be even more pro than they are now
  10. Playing passively worked out well for for FB in early H3. Oh wait. The game dictates your playstyle... if you want to be successful.
  11. a wild suddoth appears at ~3:26 http://www.twitch.tv/astrogaming/v/13427056
  12. right but contrary opinions should happen organically - the problem you're running into is that you are going against the grain on thought processes that are logical, and clear. It makes people want to stab their eyes out reading some of your shit because it literally doesn't make sense.
  13. so if Randa is dropped, will anybody of merit give him a shot? Or will he have to prove himself up by teaming with players outside the top 8?
  14. it is a bit premature - and I expect most teams to hold off on team changes. Formal is a big fish, you make the move for him when you have the opportunity.
  15. 1. What top US team practices the least? Optic? Yeah, let's bring them. (I fully realize it is a different game..) 2. This does show us that this game will highlight a slightly different skill set. Current pros will have to adapt or get left behind. It was annoying in H2A seeing some pros put little work in and still be successful.
  16. Current casting group is 10x what Gandhi and Shockwave were.
  17. I honestly would love if Lethul, APG, Formal, and Maniac would team. Bro love at its finest.
  18. all these rumors and all i can think about is the small chance that PUCKETT is back in my halo life
  19. I feel like APG's playstyle is what allows Mikwen to perform at such a high level.
  20. I've always thought, if I'm half shields and somebody calls out one shot, it is an easy kill. If it turns out he's half shields, then things are a little different. That's why it drives me insane when Ninja does it. Interesting to hear people use it differently in various situations, thanks for the info.
  21. I've been watching Ninja stream since early in the reach days. I love Ninja but the dude needs to work on some things. Dying with sword bottom middle against Denial is a prime example. He should have jumped off the map, but instead tries to escape. Denial picks up the sword, charges snipe tower, and gets at least 2 kills with the sword. He goes for low percentage plays / high potential plays when he just needs to make the 100 percentage play / with low to average potential. That and his callouts are terrible. Screaming is one thing, but he just adds a ton of useless chatter: "I just got triple teamed" "I sniped a guy! / I quickscoped the fuck out of that guy / I got a stick / I got a double" - 1 dead? 2 dead? and the absolute worst is that he calls out guys one shot when they are not. He's done that forever.
  22. honestly, good for WFX. I watched a bit of that and Tragic's team just needed to man up and play.

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