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  1. man, let's not misconstrue things. RGN and Elevate are good teams. Allegiance is a good team. All Allegiance can do is beat the team they're matched up against. My point is, is the bracket conducive to allowing the most accurate placings 1-8 (or in this case 1, 2, 3-4, 5-8)? No, it isn't - and with so much money at stake you have to feel for teams who've been negatively affected not by their own poor play, but by the event format.
  2. You solidify my point - it hasn't been easy for them to beat RNG and Elevate. A very empty 2nd place for them (and 3-4 for Elevate for that matter).
  3. So Allegiance is going to beat RNG, Elevate and some foreign teams to win 500k?
  4. note to self, winning your pool puts you in a better position to make more money. Hopefully teams pick up on this for next season.
  5. people talk about OG2 the same way they used to talk about Derek Jeter.
  6. yup, it is a good thought. The best solution is keep doing Halo 6, 7, ect with your 'improved' multiplayer modes (make that money) and then create a free to play + transactions multiplayer halo with the more classic gametypes.
  7. can Benson describe something positive without using the word "win"?
  8. Players fall off; players emerge. Teams don't mesh; teams come together. That's how halo has always been. Everybody who will advance have earned it over those who will not.
  9. crazy how the casters are acting like nV has done / shown anything. but but but pistola! but but but ogre2!! They have a chance to make it out of their pool... maybe.
  10. Radar is an interesting topic. In Halo's with a consistent movement speed, I would argue there was depth with no radar in anticipating player movement and also making movement choices based off of what the enemy has seen (and will try to use to anticipate your movement). In Halo's with sprint - it was too hard for me to accurately anticipate and ended up feeling a lot more random. I wonder if Halo 5 would be the same.
  11. my advice would be to switch from whatever stream you're watching to sud2 - there is bound to be some entertaining rage
  12. Discusses match fixing in a way that second party considers it a legitimate offer. Has to clarify on forums. I'm not positive if representing Allegiance was a true priority... now that it is public, I'm sure it is.
  13. By moving up a seed, RNG move from the eg / clg side of the bracket to the liquid / allegiance side of the bracket.
  14. lol, classic ninja. Cam: You had 18 deaths, you're obviously doing something wrong. Ninja: I had 15 assists, I'm obviously doing something right.
  15. Maniac isn't upset about the team change, he's upset it got leaked before his YT video went up. Less views
  16. commonly... although it is hard to tell how good Stellur is because he hasn't had the opportunity to team with top players
  17. Washed? He'll be in the top 8 for a good long while. Just not elite. Getting dropped and passed over by the top two teams chasing allegiance does say a lot.
  18. He's personally tweeted about it. It has to have some impact, no matter how minor, on his overall performance.
  19. Also, I don't see how people can possibly make the argument OG2's age isn't a problem. It is public knowledge he's having joint issues. I can't speak to how it impacts his play, but he definitely can't play/practice all day every day like an 18 year old. The years of gaming are taking their toll.
  20. Crazy that people are looking towards teambeyond to provide an official avenue for important HCS news... We all know expecting somebody on the 343 side of things would be outlandish.
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