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  1. I'd say he's more of an outlier to the community - I'd hope you feel the same
  2. but but but EG wanted to pick him up at the start of H2A ALG was his best chance - new game, rising players... and now the time has past. Time to work with boss nasti or do the golden ticket again.
  3. please commonly and penguin! wonder what that would do to liquid.
  4. can't believe Naded would even consider taking a break right now. He consistently builds his brand up... and then disappears. His current earning potential in gaming has to be at least 3k a month and more if he joins the optic brand. I don't think he's got anything else like that to fall back on and it isn't like he's full time in school. So odd.
  5. Unlegit isn't my favorite personality in the league but are we really shocked a team with stellur struggles in objective?
  6. not playing halo when we didnt have set dates last season got them where they are now
  7. Optic barely made regionals. Cloud was on a high performing leftovers and after being dropped, rebounded to make it worlds with a TP. Naded placed 2nd at worlds. Considering how poorly optic has performed, both are awesome pickups. Who are you expecting them to pick up, lethul?
  8. twitch stream rumor (can 100% be trusted, of course): Denial squad wanted to drop Huke. Denial, due to past relationship with Huke, says no way. Things snowballed from there.
  9. on paper, Liquid is the better team. Big Ninja fun but I know what I would do if I was commonly...
  10. limelight might have been the wrong term. Relevant as competitors. Right now they're just "gaming lifestyle personalities".
  11. long hanging fruit really. I think the optic brand will attract top talent, allowing maniac and flamesword to compete on a more successful, visible platform. FIS is too good to not at least be on a top 16 team, his networking among newer players is his biggest problem. T2 impresses me on stream with his professionalism in game - very polished. It has to be an asset to some team... although he'll have to build with upcoming talent ala Naded. Make no mistake, I could see him on a borderline top 8 team not a clear cut 2nd best team like ALG. Ryanoob has always found a way to mold his gameplay to fit the mechanics of a given halo. Blind trust.
  12. Comeback Candidates - what players who underperformed / under-placed do you see coming back strong? Here's my list of big names with * by players I think will jump back into the limelight: ryanoob* shooter randa fis* ogre2 t2* flamesword* maniac* goofy str8 sick ola mikwen
  13. Optic will be fine with BOTH Maniac + Flamesword competing. Stellur is getting there, but he doesn't 100% play winning halo. Tiberious has mentioned his neighbor-like abilities in this regard. I watched RNG move from a team with Commonly (with Spartan and Ninja putting up big numbers) to a team with Stellur... and they were clearly worse. Stellur put up huge stats but his net impact on the team tells the real story. Ninja's numbers went down. Victory's numbers went down. More importantly, they weren't winning games quite like they were previously. Maniac and Flamesword still have it. They weren't placing top 6 too long ago in H2A. My personal opinion is APG can't resist seeing the success Maniac has seen under the Optic brand. Adding APG will give that team legitimacy and make finding a solid forth a lot easier. Naded would do the same thing, I just see APG as more likely.
  14. FiS was just available to play, just like when they played with Randa the other night. They were playing with commonly earlier and he got off for the night, but told them if they found teams that wanted to scrim to text him and he'd get back on.
  15. Legit is so irrelevant. Reminds me of back in h3 when people talked about the return of zyos.
  16. Quick preview of next season: "Lethul be quiet, I'm trying to snipe."
  17. but but but I love naded so much I can't put my personal bias aside
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