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  1. props to naded for going from afterthought to borderline contender two seasons in a row
  2. I'm really conflicted if this flamesword opening is going to make waves. Part of me still thinks optic is a joke and won't attract anything... but this is a different team. Ace and Naded are no joke. Combine that with the optic brand and you have an attractive team.
  3. rayne looks like exactly the type of dude mikwen would want to team with
  4. just a copy of mcgregor's tweet. sidenote: it looks like the high point of randa's career is the month he spent as tb's darling during the team randa days
  5. haven't seen any posts about this from tb members in the past few pages - are you sure this is actually happening?
  6. I don't know man, memes seem to be working pretty good - couldn't hurt to add something else to the party.
  7. can't get lucky now boys, we genuinely have to be better
  8. peak meme will occur in roughly 5 days. At that point, TB will have to begin relying on alternative fuel sources. I propose we look towards on topic discussion as our alternative fuel and to ease the transition, I will be subsidizing all on topic discussion with positive rep.
  9. I know I always make fun of his sleep schedule but props to Ace for teaming with his friends.
  10. shout out to Allegiance for breaking up and getting us an extra lan
  11. It is clear OG2 does not still have the raw skill he showed in H2 and hasn't for a while... but why? Here's my three reasons, that I feel to some degree, lead to this. 1. Different game, different skill set. H5 is not suited to OG2 at all. 2. 6 hours a day playing video games for 15 years. Any time you use your hands in a repetitive task like that for so long there are side effects. 3. Sifting demographics of who plays video games. We're got more people from more walks of life playing then ever. He competed in a much smaller pool in H2. Who knows how many new names we would have right now if Reach - 4 weren't awful. it is funny how T2 is washed but OG2 is still great. Maybe it has something to do with your personal feelings about a player? FB was my team back in H2 and the end of H3 FB was a dream come true. I never liked T2 but I try to be rational in what I see.
  12. okay, one season is completed in H5. We've had a lot of hype for all the young guns on the scene. Some established players have fallen off since H2A, some have seen their stock rise. Name a few for each. Fallen off: Ryanoob Arkanum Improved stock: Ninja Victory X Spartan
  13. worst two pages we've had in quite a while. Can somebody come in here and make up some intel or schedule some scrims for us to talk about?
  14. Unlegit changing his name to Eco reminds me of companies doing paperless billing and calling themselves green.
  15. Ace would be a great pickup in regards to ability. The thing is, the culture of the optic halo team needs to change. Naded was a great start, but Ace is more of the same... Naded can't do it alone.
  16. your noon is Ace's midnight. He's the only pro streaming, show him some support before he goes to bed: https://www.twitch.tv/acetv.
  17. His shot looks solid. Problem is he traverses maps like I traverse my house in the dark after coming home from the bar.
  18. this is the fifth straight on topic post! Naded says: yo are we about to get smacked?
  19. 343 is just trying to keep the community engaged while they finalize pro league details
  20. Ninja IS on the 2nd best team right now... who knows beyond that. Naded going to optic is akin to an international soccer star coming to play in the MLS.
  21. on one hand, you have tesla who releases hype information and amazing products. This is done strategically as to build up their brand (and stock price). one the other hand, you have 343. What more can I say? They should be Musk, but instead they are Robby Ringnalda.

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