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  1. naded continually making dumb choices. Love his game play and entertainment value in a tourney setting... but jesus. If you're going to keep making choices like this just quit, move on, go to college, and maybe have a.. viable career?
  2. Ola was pretty established at this point and most felt SK was dropping one of the best in the game. There wasn't any potential for OG2 to see.
  3. best post I've seen all week. happy for T2 - hopefully we see Liquid/Optic get upset to add some excitement in tomorrow.
  4. deserve might not be the best term... but after the top 9 teams, there's a clear drop off in talent. I get what he's saying. Assuming whomever doesn't qualify out of Liquid, Optic and Elevate sticks together, they'll do to the challenger league what CLG does to the pro league.
  5. ninja, commonly, and vicx over there talking strats and penguin is just playing with the wiggly arm of his chair
  6. it astounds me how thin skinned goldenboy is. Dude isn't great, dude isn't bad... but man, like clockwork during/after every event, he complains about negative feedback. That, to me, makes me annoyed with the guy. Figure out what is constructive and use it to get better... everything else, ignore. Simple.
  7. keep cycling out british/irish/scottish talent... we know who we want
  8. Gandhi was, conservatively, a top 15 player in H2. They placed low in H3 because Ghandi and Karma weren't as good in H3 (for various reasons).
  9. Here's my most likely to qualify list: 1. Optic 2. Allegiance 3. RNG 4. Envy 5. Liquid 6. E6 7. Denial 8. Soul I see Liquid or Envy not making the cut. I see E6 doing the same... although I feel like RNG could easily lose out today as well. It isn't about if they can beat Optic, it is about if they can beat E6. Denial and Soul won't qualify and I have a hard time seeing either of them winning a match.
  10. @@W0uld is TB's equivalent to the 12 y/o who just got xbox live Today is a huge day for teams. I think everybody would agree there are 6 teams with a real shot at qualifying today.... and two won't. The last chance qualifier is a huge risk. I'm guessing 5 out of the 8 teams we see today end up in the pro league.
  11. I could see RNG losing close to optic and then come out flat against e6 and lose as well.
  12. which is more likely? 1. An organization, weighing the potential blow-back (which we've seen) vs. the potential reward (tilting randa), decides to make the donation. 2. An anonymous individual is not kind on the internet I'd go with #2... besides, it would have been a waste of money for Soul. Hysteria tilted randa for free. The 4/30 attacks on randa was an inside job.
  13. bubu and huke got the hype but it is becoming clear who did the heavy lifting
  14. they'll meet again in a b07 later today. hopefully this adds some drama
  15. kampy with the breadstick in the final game of the series
  16. odds are at least half that team will change in a week. Who cares what name they use.

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