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  1. considering their performance as a team in H5, including this season, it isn't really a shock they haven't qualified. Seeing an all time great lose his cool on twitter against a high schooler is a bit more shocking, hence the discussion.
  2. can we spam @@Timo again until we get confirmation on T2 returning next week or at least the lan finals
  3. T2: breath of fresh air Danoxide: earning his pro league spot Royal 2: Frosty has taught him some map movement
  4. They could. There's lots of things they can do. Right now, Halo is developer subsidized.... and MLG isn't getting any of that cash. So running an event means losing money.
  5. spot on. I could see them making room for Suspector or Snipedown but they won't break up. This org seems to be a golden goose just like Optic - just with different perks.
  6. honestly, there's a lot of people who don't want to team with Ninja and the same for Spartan. I could see them, just based on circumstance, choosing to team again as their best option.
  7. Man, relegation should have been bottom two + whomever in a double elimination format on LAN put on by MLG
  8. I'm sure what ESL had to offer Halo at the time was a lot cheaper than what MLG offered. The lowest bidder isn't always what is best.
  9. this is a symptom of two things: 1. no open bracket type events (been beaten to death) 2. lack of talent depth Back in H3, the last time Halo was truly healthy, teams scrimmed and played all the time. If a team got complacent and didn't scrim/play quite a bit, they'd get a top 16 or top 24 wake-up call at the next tournament.
  10. Chemistry doesn't change the fact that Roy and Lunch haven't taken the time to learn this game like other pros. They have a ton of overall Halo skill but there's something to be said about understanding the small intricacies of an individual Halo game.
  11. not really, they were showing signs long before he left
  12. "ninja don't practice he to busy playing h1z1" - mod in official halo stream
  13. Snakebite dishing out advice on how to be a professional to Spartan in his stream right now
  14. I would be surprised if talent trumped politics - my guess is T2 is on the outside looking in.
  15. I could see somebody from Liquid being poached, otherwise not much will happen. There's no monsters looming on any of the AM teams.
  16. read his post in its entirety. Looking forward to his 2 months of focused streaming before he changes his mind. 10 years of this behavior. It isn't hard to call a spade a spade at this point.
  17. but he doesn't, hence me using the plural of dumb choice
  18. not really. either make hay while the sun shines or end up as a 30 year old ex pro gamer with nothing to show for it. I'm just glad optic APG is finally happening

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