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  1. I guess where we differ is I want a final tournament to determine the how the teams stack up at the end of the season. Single elimination would show achievement over the course of the season - different schools of thought.
  2. They had a whole season to establish seeding for a tournament that established seeding for the final tournament that had fairly randomized brakets. There's nothing fair about that.
  3. Halo players have earning potential from orgs, streams, pro leagues, and tournaments. A huge proportion of that earning potential has come from tournaments. Double elimination is a good way to ensure their final placing is comparable to how they performed. Single elimination does that for first place only.... and the rest is a crap shoot depending on who faces who and when. I feel pro players should be given the opportunity to earn their placings (and in turn money) in the most fair way possible... and that is with double elimination.
  4. If there will ever be a team out there that consistently beats CLG, it will be a team that includes Formal.
  5. didn't we decide, despite what Ogre 2 says or how he performs, that he doesn't have hand pain and he would be at the top of his game forever?
  6. I'm a RNG fan and I like CLG... but I want EG to win. It would be awesome to see!
  7. 1. EG has to scrim and prepare for their matches 2. doesn't matter see above 3. doesn't matter see above
  8. Strongside is not an analyst in this game. It's clear he doesn't know the current meta.
  9. working with T2 last week improved the depth of Elamite's casting. Anchor players weren't in his casting vocab prior to last week. #freeT2
  10. Recognize the problem before you hit rock bottom - Maniac 7/14/2016 @@Commonly
  11. meh, wouldn't be surprised if this was another Liquid 2-3 loss
  12. because players in other professional sports making millions of dollars never (mentally) take games off once out of contention
  13. Fixed so the Vin-hypothetical E6 doesn't under perform like the current EG.
  14. I'm assuming RNG will finish their existing contracts with non-LOL teams (probably through Pro League with Halo).
  15. you have to wonder if APG has some sort of post-concussion syndrome - you don't just randomly fall off like a cliff like he has.
  16. I have a feeling eg is going to come out flat against liquid

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