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  1. I see a lot requesting gameplays... which is what happens everytime a pro asks for suggestions... and then they get no views. Maybe do a "Clip and a Take" - one cool play you're had recently and then spend 3-5 minutes talking about a specfic topic the community is currently interested in. For example, right now would be the perfect time to be the arm chair captain of each team. Put yourself in Maniac's shoes and talk about what Optic should do. Put yourself in Snipedown's shoes and so on.
  2. drinking game: Every time ESL/343 promises details soon take a shot
  3. ps. sorry I missed the finals, was too busy instagramming my dinner
  4. ESL was subpar for the majority of the run but have really been sand bagging it lately - wishful thinking, but maybe they already know they're on the way out.
  5. Fun fact: Ninja used to match Bubu a ton in Reach/H4 and always talked shit
  6. Suspector got 4th And I just don't see Suspector and Snipedown leaving EG to team with each other next season
  7. An interesting thought: What players were top 4 at worlds and top 4 in summer pro league? -All of CLG -Bubu -Huke -Cratos -Penguin -Rayne -El Town
  8. The guy is just somebody doing a job he isn't prepared to do but doesn't want to leave. He's able to do this by saying the right things to the right people.
  9. lol can't stream those games because we just don't want to start the stream that early.
  10. Suspector has been such a mystery this season. I don't see him teaming with Snipedown or the twins going forward.
  11. sorta - he was on top of the world when he emerged on WFX and he was honestly a dick to a lot of people he was competing against. He fell back down to earth and now he seems to be pretty chill. We'll see how he behaves if he ever gets on a good team again.
  12. the analyst from Liquid, in the days leading up to the final tournament, just provided the most detailed post on the $$$ involved in pro-league
  13. Che has always sucked. Runs the esports side of Halo yet has walled himself off from Halo's biggest competitive community. Him banning coworkers is icing on the cake.
  14. Nobody except Optic wanted to team with Naded for Pro League - he flakes on his team and now Snipedown and Contra want him?
  15. for a bit more detail for folks: He talked about being an AM and not really having to play under an org. He seems to be insinuating he'll still be in Optic just not on the Optic Halo team
  16. way to make an org feel good about losing money while supporting an emerging scene.
  17. Yeah, when Optic had it going on early in the season Maniac was the hammer. Teams would be struggling for control or to regain control vs Optic and then Maniac would make a push/flank, get a double kill, and put the other team on the defensive.
  18. I'd love to see them build around Ace (only after Naded turns down the offer to start the team over @@Ace ) and Maniac. Get two new players. Once a transfer period comes drop Maniac and pick up a third new player. Maniac can lead the Optic Nation amateur team. Building around Ninja would also be a smart move
  19. Fun idea! Mine would be Contra, Devon, Eco and Snipedown
  20. Naded will more than likely get a shot on a pro league team... but he's an outsider. I could see him on as a last resort on a leftover style squad or maybe Contra and Devon take a flyer on him. (Side-note, I could also see ALG picking up Spartan while his stock is low as well) Lethul hate is hilarious. He was a mercenary when he joined EG, he was a mercenary when he left. He wasn't actively looking to leave, but the opportunity presented itself and he was better for it. EG didn't perform poorly because he left - they've now had two players who've shined on teams competing within the upper half of the league. I can't say the same for the EG trio.
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