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  1. Only working with people who are super positive about every move you make is straight out of the 343 playbook... and look what that's got us. #HireT2
  2. Jesus I don't know what T2 did but I can't believe he isn't casting. Dude is easily the best available. Did the prison thing turn out to be true?
  3. Unknown? Don't they guarantee to have your oil changed in under 30 minutes for $20?
  4. I can't wait for the first trailer for H6. Darker, immersive, and shinier than ever - short clips, with close up camera work and the finally, black. Slowly from the black a light appears. Grainy at first, getting brighter, getting clearer until it becomes plain view: Soon™ - 343.
  5. Resume: 1. Talented enough to be hired by 343 2. Let go because you didn't fit into their culture Two points in your favor.
  6. Let me elaborate: Both were known not for individual skill, but how to play winning halo at a high level. Both saw success early on in the life cycle of the game. Both had great team mates early in the life cycle of the game. Hysteria, Neighbor, etc and Huke, Shooter, etc. Both were left behind by those team mates gradually. Both began placing considerably lower.
  7. H5 Cratos is following the H3 career arc of SK. Interesting to see.
  8. that was the argument when he first got on a top 8 team. Towards the end of the H3 that changed. People moved from saying that to, if I was able to lan and practice again the caliber of player Totz does, I would be as good as him too.
  9. My guess: Eco and Stellur rule the roost on Liquid now and bring in Ace for Rayne. Rayne goes to STR8 along with Saiyan. Heinz is out. Luminosity... probably picks up somebody other than Heinz.
  10. game is 98-89 in favor of Optic with Envy gaining points. Camera switches to Lethul's face.
  11. I love how people talk about Halo needing to evolve and yet counter strike is thriving with the same type of game play how many years later? Halo could position itself to be that but for consoles.
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