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  1. Anyone else get prompted for an update? Anything good?
  2. For the most part. I'm champ 15 in swat in game, but its not exactly right on the leader board. The list gets really out of order when you leave the top 50 or so.
  3. The issue is that the API is bugged and doesn't display rank for champions correctly. It shows everyone in champ as 1. Halo Tracker has to create its list by the CSR because of this.
  4. No, the end points don't include anything about population. The only "hidden" information that might be useful is that it displays your rank if you're onyx.
  5. is there anywhere on the forums where I can plug my stream that's NOT the stream page (not enough viewers)
  6. I don't remember. I remember some kid in my party saying you were pro. That's the only reason I remember you. I work a fuck ton but wanna find some dudes to roll with, local would be dope. I added @Mr Colek where you @ in Savannah? I'm in Georgetown.
  7. I totally played you the other day in swat I think. RegnaRReapeR - Savannah. EDIT: Totally didn't realize there were so many in Savannah. Can't get ANY friends who play here. I'm adding you guys on live fer sure.
  8. Maybe you can address this for me: Does the current placement system take into factor personal performance? My take is that the match is ranking all eight players 1-8. 1-4 are on the winning team and 5-8 on the losing team. The "weight" of your win or loss is dependent on which of these positions you actually sit in. I noticed that the game will often tell me (Waypoint I think?) that i placed 3rd or 2nd and marks it as a win. This would lineup with FFA as well, where 1-4 go up and 5-8 go down. This also explains how even though a player might win every game, they still only sit in plat. I for one notice that even if I don't win every game, I always have ended up Diamond or Onyx. I also notice that my first game is always CAKE and they get more increasingly more difficult, which would mean that my CSR is increasing in massive numbers as I place. I imagine the weight of the placement matches is going down as I play them, so match 2 would 'weigh' more than match 8 and so on. Is this correct to assume?
  9. Can't even find this controller anywhere. Now I'm watching walmart / best buy / gamestop like a hawk trying to find it.
  10. Team Arena- unranked (waiting for a good group to push with) Team Slayer- Diamond 1 FFA- Onyx 1523? Swat- Champion 188 Breakout- Diamond 1
  11. Started swat at 1500 release day. Barely played all week. Played today and last night and now I'm 1931 Champion 188... took a LOT less time than in the beta to go up ~400 CSR.
  12. To be fair: Halo 5 may not be halo, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.
  13. Seems servers are down. Was running swat with a couple dudes and we can't connect. Oh well, anyone running customs or anything?
  14. The beta ranks were much less top heavy. I was Onyx in beta and it seemed perfect. I had to get a to4 and fight to work upto semi-pro. I had never even considered the possibility of top 200.

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