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  1. ive seen this posted atleast 5 times here in the last 6 months.
  2. so i gave up trying to follow during the event.. and my work schedule has limited my access at work.......................................................... almost 70 pages..... jesus christ
  3. they would have swept in first series if dadbite could lead the the squad. shame hes not feeling well.
  4. i dont normally post stuff like this but i couldnt resist. this may be my favorite ninja to date. he immediately quit the game with his team up lol http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Philthhy/video/30621215
  5. if u and ur buddy from the other night are on.. me and mine will run tonight too.. if you remember Philthhy and obsoletejam3769 from the other night lol
  6. and i thought you werent understanding the point i have been trying to get across.. glad the message is atleast being received
  7. imagine if he showed up here once in awhile and said hi... he would get rekt by frank and friends
  8. stop posting toweys content, you might get destroyed for it
  9. still catching up on this weekends pages but dont pretend like towey wasnt ambushed by frank and friends as soon as he posted here. Its instinct to take a defensive stance when you're being attacked or cornered.
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