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  1. Velocity, as always looked great in slayer gametypes. With more practice on the objective gametypes they should beable to make Top8
  2. Other Perspective of Team Randa vs Velocity http://www.twitch.tv/nemassist
  3. I'm also a big T2/Str8 fan and honestly i don't see him coming back if he can't get a squad that he believes will at least make top 8.
  4. The only teams I can see breezing their way to the final four are Kentucky and Wisconsin. Everything else is just a guess like ever other year.
  5. I do remember watching on stream wondering "why isnt contra saying anything?" Now we know. Sucks man, Good luck on S2.
  6. I'm just saying i would have rather seen you get on a team like Legendary and beat Str8 yourself, rather that cheering for other teams to beat them.
  7. He got dropped over a month ago lmao. You probably thought it only happened last week because this kid is still acting like a baby back b****. I give him credit, got 99% of the community on his side by showing one side of the story.
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