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  1. I would like to see it removed
  2. I am so glad they are remaking the pit! Adding Mark V as well is epic can't wait to wear it again!
  3. SIck! Can't wait to see him cast! Been watching the CoD streams and I love his casting!
  4. Any key bits of advice you could give someone who just wants to get better?
  5. Thanks for clearing that up, was getting quite frustrated and the fact that my team quit in the end ahah :P
  6. Was playing a normal game of dispatch CTF and as usual one of my team quits out after getting killed first, when the enemy team start push our base, killed me and grabbed the new sniper. 3 times i was killed within 2 seconds of spawning, each time spawning right in the lines of their sniper would was in our base and each time headshoting me. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this? Quitting i feel also needs to be addressed, however i can't see 343 doing anything about that this late into the games life cycle.
  7. Now imagine if you played oddball on that map.....
  8. At the moment I don't really like adrift, but if they test this out it might be a viable option as it would, like a lot of you have said before, make the game play a little bit faster
  9. I have a feeling this might be the case however I hope he does get picked up if he does really well, I miss watching him play!
  10. T2, Naded, FiS and Dersky I think this would be an interesting combo, I can't wait to see FiS back!
  11. Very easy man, its kinda like adding ram its really that easy If you need any help at all with PC hardware don't be afraid to give me a shout!
  12. Tad off topic for this thread, don't suppose you got your name from Hackers (1995) did you? I love that film!
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