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  1. Sensitivity needs to be uniform ghost. It's not fair that ppl have to play on a higher sensitivity just to be able to compete close range. Bump up the range on the BR so fights long range aren't so "squirrelly" not too much just enough to maybe 40 meters? The aiming in halo 4 was fine. Keep it uniform. It shudnt change based on range that's no consistent.
  2. Ghost I really think the aiming should be changed. It should keep the same sensitivity throughout. Just bump up the range on the BR farther out. Obviously not too much just enough to give the BR at least enough range to kill somewhat far away say 40 meters? Of course the dmr will have more range but still. Halo 4's aiming sensitivity was fine. Look at those BR battles. They're fine. Change the sensitivity because It's not good to have changing variations of it. If u move left and right an inch and it's slow but u keep moving in one direction and its hella fast, that's hindering ppls ability to react. It's not fair that u have to play in a higher sensitivity just so u cud move freely close range. Please fix this and make sensitivity uniform. Just add a little bit more range to the BR
  3. Dear 343, dankYou guys did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job on Halo 5!! I want to really applaud you guys for finally delivering on this beautiful game. You guys answered our prayers! And despite what the haters KEEP ON SAYING, I think that ALL the abilities ALL of them are a great feature to the game and that they DON'T REALLY BREAK THE GAME AT ALL. I understand halo is not supposed to have sprint or any of these things you guys added. PLEASE experiment with no sprint and see what pros such as NINJA, GHANDI, GHOSTAYAME, WALSHY, and OGRE 2 have to say about it. None of us really have a perfect idea of what halo IS SUPPOSED TO BE like these guys do. These guys know what they are talking about. ASK THESE PROS TO TEST THE GAME without sprint and lots of tweaks everyone wants to see if they ACTUALLY WORK. Please ask these people "Specifically" SINCE THEY HAVE IMMENSE EXPERIENCE with halo's golden age, to try out all of these different settings to find out once and for all what works and what doesn't. Please ask these people to help test your game from here on out. THEY KNOW THE MOST. It will extremely benefit halos future! Thank you 343 and keep doing what you guys do. You guys are awesome!
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