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  1. One thing that should be clear to people, even for hardcore fans of the series, 343 is trying to make a new, fun for everyone, game. Emphasize NEW. If you think about it it would kind of stink if they just made a bunch of Halo 3 remakes with more maps and stuff, and that seems to be what people inadvertantly want. That would make the franchise like Call of Duty, releasing very similar stuff each and every time. 343 wants to make its own stamp on the Halo frachize. Also they are kind of a new company, they have not been doing games as long as Bungie has and they are trying to make the best game possible by listening to people's feedback and trying to meet people's demands. That said here is my feedback on the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta: Movement: So far I am ok with sprint and I like how they added the delayed recharge to balance that out. Thruster feels a little too powerful and ways I may balance it maybe would be to make the distance you thrust a little shorter, by maybe a foot or two, and make its recharge a little slower. I do unlike other fans, think these options belong in Halo 5 and make it unique. I would not change ground pound or charge or slide, those are good when used well and can be ignored or used to their full potential without it being overpowered. Weapons: I think the kill times could be decreased a little over all with the base weapons. Having slower kill times makes easier to come back in a gun fight even if you got shot first, and it is very hard to do that in the Halo 5 Beta. For instance if I go somewhere on the map and then get shot in the back 2 times from a BR for instance, it feels like I'm a deer in headlights and that I am practically dead and have to thruster away, and thats no fun. Descoping works well for guns and thats all dandy and I am ok with it. One thing I am not ok with though is the increased accuracy with automatics. I really liked how in previous games you had your hipfire and when that crosshair was red you were at the affective distance and that is where it would be most accurate. Now with the increased accuracy it extends their range, defeating its purpose for being in the CQC role. I think it should be that you can still zoom in but it does not affect acuracy, just so you can make darn sure your aiming center mass before you get shot at and descope. BR and DMR functioned how they are supposed to, BR close-mid range, DMR mid-long range, both have destinct play styles to be used with. However I think the DMR should have little to no recoil because it does not help wiht long range fights. The light rifle was interesting, its power was in the middle of a standard weapon and a power weapon. This is ok because you can not start with it since there are not loadouts and stuff, you just have to be able to go get it. The pistol is a weird one though. I do not like aiming wiht that scope because it is hard to see the center and there was almost no aim assist on it, and I think it should still have some aim assist since you use it as a precision weapon till you get something better like a BR. The sniper is clunky to me. I'm not a pro sniper of any means, but It fires too slow and has a little too much recoil. Also I do not like how they made the zoom in sensitivity way low, it needs to be just a little slower than regular hip fire sensitivity, othwise it's good. Thats it for the Weapons (I know that was a little too long). Controls: Control schemes were good, button placement was ok. The part where there is little to no aim assist I am not a fan of it (because I am not so great at aiming anyway) but I think it provites a nice skill gap that I can get behind (except I think there should be more aim assist on the pistol zoomed in). One issue that I CAN NOT STAND is the fact that you can not turn off vibration. It's too destracting to me especially with the Xbox One controller's impulse triggers (feels extra yucky). I hope the add it in when the game comes out and I think there would be no reason not to because almost every game has that option. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does not like it, especially the pros who play without it. That's it for the Controls. Visuals: The visuals are gorgeos, gorgeos I say. I wish they told nobody about it being in 720p and just had this as the final thing because it looks darn good enough, then when the game comes out they will be like after a while "Uh you guys know its in 720p right?" and people will finally realize that resolution is not always what makes a game pretty. I kind of wish they stuck with the original shape they had for the scope for the BR and not this strange red dot ish sight because it kind of makes it seem like the gun is meant for close range only, which it is not. Also I noticed that they did away with the guns and reticle being lower on the screen and centered everything, which I kind of miss. The maps look pretty good though most of them have pretty icky sight lines for mid, it seems like it is never a good thing to go mid (exept for the map Regret) which should not be the case. Thats it for the Visuals. Over all: 343i you did a great job with the Beta and should not pay attention to the haters saying Halo is becoming Call of Duty, because it really is not. Keep up the good work (AND LET ME DISABLE VIBRATION )!
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