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  1. I made a uservoice page for feedback, suggestions and bug issues in the beta - https://h5gcf.uservoice.com/
  2. So I've been playing it with a party for about 12 hours. Jesus. Bugs everywhere. Co-op in Halo 3 is always laggy, even with people on good connections. Party system is almost broken fully. Co-op in Halo 2 just doesn't work. Lighting doesn't affect `bloc` items on Sandbox on Halo 3. Laggy netcode in Halo 1. (awful) No joining-in-progress in customs/forge for Halo 1 through 4. Halo 3 ammo counters are always black. Emblems are broken - You set them, and in game they pick a random emblem and show that. It's crashed about 4 times for each of us. Randomly removing you from a party when the leader backs out of a game. Matchmaking is buggy with parties, removes people randomly. Moves players to other teams, even when they are in your party. There are a lot more issues too. These are just the main ones we've found and had issues with so far.
  3. If you have set your console to automatic updates, then it shall just download when it's ready in the background.
  4. Little bit of a bump here (@@Moa okay'd it). I've added Halo: Reach support to Branch to prepare it for Halo: MCC support later in the year. You can check the blog post detailing all the fixes/additions here. Or check out the Halo: Reach stats stuff itself here.
  5. No. Megalo's structure won't completely change because of an architecture change. And It's nothing to do with Code Signing. The packages Xbox stores user-generated content in are in a different format on this generation. So we need to figure out how to modify those, and that's even before we look into how the halo files inside the Xbox packages work. That won't happen for awhile. So for the foreseeable future we won't have mods on the Xbox One. (Speaking as a Developer that has worked on Halo related modding tools for Halo 3/Reach/4)
  6. Modified content won't happen at all on MCC. No exploits for that kind of modification on Xbox One.
  7. I don't mind this one. As for the rest.. Shudder.
  8. Do we know if there will be a stats website for the MCC?
  9. Does that include the waterfall over the bases? (Not hating on the water, just curious)
  10. Ironic, seeing as the man that pretty much created Halo 2 multiplayer (and designed some of the most iconic halo 2 maps. ie; midship, ascention, Zanzibar) works there and was in charge of the H2A maps..
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