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  1. Hey man I have a sqaud of 3 myself. Add me for skrims if your down. Can never have enough ppl to practice with. GT: iDropteck
  2. Welcome Gunplex! Add for skrims and HCS Customs. Lots of tourney experience in the circle I run with. Always nice to meet new players. GT: iDropteck
  3. Hey man Im in the same boat. I stopped playing after h3 bc the games were trash plus I had to travel alot for my job. Things are settling back down and Im looking to get back into the scene. Ive got a solid group of guys I run with and we're always looking for extras to team or just for skrims and customs. Add me if your down. Gt: iDropteck
  4. I just moved to Virginia Beach, VA looking for players
  5. Any gamers in VA area? I just moved here from TN. I have several players looking to skrim online and I'm looking for Local Lans and players to play online with. ~Dropteck

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