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  1. Yeah either one is better then the shotty.
  2. I would play some competitive forge maps with you. Add me gt: nog0odnamesl3ft
  3. I'm down for sure gt: nog0odnamesl3ft
  4. It looks but I did notice that in the sword room it's missing the jump where you can stand and look through the window. I'll be giving this a download for sure
  5. Hey id like to try out for you my gt is nog0odnamesl3ft
  6. I'd like to try out too message me on here or on xbl my GT: nog0odnamesl3ft. I have an okay br never been on a team I communicate know the call outs for almost all the maps on all the halos that were played in mlg/pgl.
  7. Gt: nog0odnamesl3ft MM/customs East coast.
  8. I'll add you I've been wanting to get into competitive. halo I'm not bad but I've never played on team before. Gt nog0odnamesl3ft
  9. Hey everyon, just made an account on here love playing competitive halo never been on team but if you want to play with me and you have a good br add me nog0odnamesl3ft.
  10. Looking for people to play with possibly team with I got a good BR and good snipe. Been playing halo since CE Gt nog0odnamesl3ft.
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