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  1. How I walk into my prison cell after guard faruq tauheed says lock it up
  2. Is there going to be a Halo Trailer for the steven spielberg tv show at the Superbowl my american brothers?
  3. i'm looking forward to seeing how the underwater stuff turns out, like how they communicate
  4. I'd appreciate you guys adding this to your meme folder for future reference, wouldn't mind seeing it more often you could even add people's avatars to the faces :uncledrew:
  5. IM3 has the greatest intro ever though to be fair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5i0aKJnj8o
  6. should be better than all the thor/hulk movies (even though I liked the norton one quite a bit for some raisin) the bants between thor/hulk should be won't have the natalie portman/katt dennings stuff apparently looks like a lot of fun
  7. https://twitter.com/MCU_Tweets/status/902699164756090880 oh shit, i might actually watch this early instead of HD online release so I feel special for a few days
  8. 49wins x 2 = 98% chance of winning for Mayweather
  9. great shot imo, never seen superman in a pose like that before I don;t think -------------------------------------------------------------------------- does anyone else think the colour correction or whatever it's called doesn't look right in Thor 3? Like they have more colours but they're not popping like they did in GotG 2 or Homecoming, maybe it's for variety but I liked what they were doing lately a lot more
  10. the infinity trailer leaked if you guys don't mind watching it in shitty quality
  11. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuark that alex ross inspired poster, just need it without the text also
  12. Yeah I liked it more but I couldn't get the origins family result out my head watching it like "what are you doing logan" "they wouldn't do what I think they will again" Maybe a lot of people like to imagine origins just didn't happen lul
  13. nice cheeky clip from naded https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/25715394080-offset-2004.mp4
  14. *1000th page reservation for advertising* (pm me for prices)

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